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Em General Reviews {March 2020} Read Before Order

Em General Reviews 2020

Em General Reviews {March 2020} Read Before Order >> Read this article to know more about this anti-pollution mask that you might need in 2020.

If you are looking for a site that has products to cater to the current needs of the society, then we introduce you to Em General. Read further to get Em General.Com reviews and know more about it.

As pollution increases and the rate of virus and bacteria are going up, people of the whole world are falling sick. They are inhaling the polluted and infected air that results in damage to their lungs and respiratory system. Little children and senior citizens are more at risk of getting an infection in their bodies as their immune system is still weak.

In countries like the United States and Canada, the Em General site is trending as it is offering an anti-pollution face mask. Em General is a legitimate company that aims to protect people who are at risk of falling sick due to the pandemic Corona Virus.

What is Em General, and is it a scam?

Em General is legit, and people in several countries are buying the Anti-Viral N-95 mask to protect themselves and their loved ones. It is a mask that has several layers of the filter, including the N-95 and the N-99 that captures the minutest germ particle.

The N-95 mask is manufactured from premium material to give your face comfort while wearing. A regular mask is itchy and makes the wearer want to get rid of it as soon as possible. This makes it difficult for people to make their kids and elder parents to wear the mask.

Who needs the Em General N-95 mask?

The Em General mask is an urgent requirement in this day and age. Not only because of the Corona Virus, but there are a lot of airborne germs and viruses that are waiting to attack. Due to the sedentary lifestyle of this generation, working people are already facing enough health problems in their day to day lives.

Therefore, it is essential to take the utmost care and ensure that you are not inhaling polluted air. So the mask must be used by people of all ages. It must be specially used by laborers, traffic police and professionals who travel long distances to and from work.

Advantages of Em General N-95 mask

  • The Em General N-95 mask has a premium quality make.
  • It has more than one layer to filter out tiny dirt particles.
  • It absorbs all the bacteria and viruses and allows you to breathe in only the fresh air.
  • It is certified, and lab tested for your assurance.
  • The unique airflow valve makes your breathing comfortable.
  • The lightweight of the mask makes it easier to wear for long hours without feeling suffocated.
  • You can do your regular exercises wearing the mask without interruption.

Technical Specifications of Em General N-95 mask

  • The mask has an adjustable nose clip that has aluminum make.
  • The breathable and waterproof material of the cover makes it wearable.
  • It has N-95 and N-99 that filters up to 99% of pollutants.
  • The N-99 PM 2.5 has an advance filter.
  • It has a non-woven fabric layer, a melt brown cotton layer, a second melt brown cotton layer, an activated carbon layer along with a second activated carbon layer, another melt brown cotton layer and a non-woven fabric layer.
  • The first layer stops larger particle size that is above 10 PM.
  • The second layer prevents particles in the range of 2.5 – 10 PM, and the third captures layer captures particles smaller than 2.5 PM.

How does the Em General N-95 mask work?

The Em General N-95 mask has six layers of filter. Each layer stops the germ particles depending on their size. It protects you from inhaling the minutest particle as the activated carbon and the 2.5 pm filters captures them all.

How to use the Em General N-95 mask?

The Em General N-95 mask is comfortable to wear and maintain. All you have to do is take out the mask from the packaging and wear it on your face. It covers your mouth and nose entirely, leaving no room for polluted air to enter. Ensure you wash the mask regularly. The waterproof material of the mask aids in deflecting any form of liquid to last you a long time.

The mask has elasticized strings that help to put the mask in place and prevent it from slipping. You can easily walk, run, and jump without having to worry about holding the mask in place. Most masks have loose tie-ups that open up quickly.

How is Em General N-95 mask better than other masks?

If you have read the detailed specifications of the N-95 mask, you will know that this kind of technology is new and only one. This mask has more than one layer of filter that is designed to catch hold of the minutest germ particles that is smaller than 2.5 PM. This is a huge benefit for small children who happen to play in areas where high pollution is concerned.

Moreover, the Em General N-95 mask has a premium quality make that puts in the top in comparison to another ordinary mask. It has an aluminum nose clip that enables you to adjust it for your breathing. This mask is a mark of science and design. The minimal style with classic color variants, make this mask a must-have for all city dwellers. The waterproof make is another reason that pushes this mask to a unique category.

Final Verdict

After reading the customer reviews and built of the Em General N-95 mask, we think it is worth the buy. If you would like to keep your and your family’s health in check, then you can give this mask a try. The sheer number of filters used in the mask shows the creators thought and care for your life.

It is an ideal mask for travelers, children, and older adults. Besides, professions that require individuals to be exposed to extremely polluted areas will hugely benefit from this mask.

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