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Virgin Cruise Reviews {2020} – Is It Worth My Money?

Virgin Cruise Reviews {2020} - Is It Worth My Money

Virgin Cruise Reviews {2020} – Is It Worth My Money? >> This article is for those who are looking for an eventual star cruise voyage for themselves.

A cruise ship is usually a large vessel, that’s used to travel over large brines. Cruise ships generally accommodate numerous amenities to make the journey comfortable and enjoyable for it’s passengers, as they have to travel long and slow. For those of you, who haven’t boarded one, let me tell you, the experience is elevating, waking up among the blues and soaking in the twilight, amidst the dark waves.

The fresh air of the ocean and the short landings at different ports mid-way, make your voyage a delightful experience altogether. So, you are connected to the land as well as water.

Virgin Cruise

Virgin cruise is a much dissimilar one, when it comes to comparing with other traditional cruise lines. The former is amazing, glamorous, exciting and much deviated from the normal course. Virgin cruise has brought something very new on board, which hasn’t been seen till date on other cruises.

They are positioning themselves as an involving cruise line for non cruisers, by doing things differently. So, your voyages with Virgin will be filled with thrill, adventure and excitement. In fact, Virgin’s recent launch has stirred the entire voyaging industry.

This one cruise has pioneered women in higher roles, which is awesome and that’s the reason behind Virgin’s ships being called ‘Lady Ships’. The ladies are allowed complete freedom in expressing their creativity in the vessel, which is admirable, and their love for working with Virgin in turn gets intensified, says the captain here.

The result is you get to experience a truly vibrant and glamorous lifestyle on board with Virgin ships.

Best Features

The Ships

The first ship by Virgin is named ‘Scarlet Lady’, followed very closely by ‘Valiant Lady’. Both of these vessels are for adults only, that means individuals over 18 years of age can only travel in here. The luxurious designing is sort of trended from the curves of a yatch.

Apart from the spectacular appearance, both of these ships are a no plastic zone, and a cutting edge technology delineates the crafts as completely environment friendly. The intelligent break through engine fabrication, depletes fuel consumption by 15%, which is incredible.

The Cabins

Out of all the cabins, 86% have their own balcony and 96% of the deckhouses would be somewhat open to direct ocean view and the rest 7% will be insiders. The cabins look really cool, and has been brought to life by a tablet, which primarily controls every setting like air conditioning and lights, in the space.

Every cabin is designed in the most fashionable manner of modern times.

Starting with the bottom line, that’s the ‘ insiders’ of the ship, each one can accommodate four members in them. The inside cabins or ‘social insiders’ are the most affordable rooms on the trip.

Above the bottom line, we have the sea view cabins and on the top are the sea terrace rooms. These cabins open out to balconies, which see hanging bright hued hammocks. The furniture inside are the utilitarian type. During daytime, the bed gets converted into a suave sofa, while at nights the same thing is a plush cozy billet to call it a day.

Every object is designed, keeping in mind the utmost comfort of the travelers. Room stewards are always at your service, so you needn’t worry about any menial work around the room except your own trivial chores.

The ultimate extravagance is the ‘ultra rock suites’, they are magnanimous in space as well as price. These cabins have exclusive music space with musical instruments placed in there for your entertainment.

Massive balconies projecting towards the waters have outdoor showers, hammocks and even the inside marble bathrooms are of premium type.

The windows have see through panes made of fine glass. Little turn tables, in the cabin assist as jut out surfaces for placing things.

In short, the entire living is an amalgamation of retro and futuristic.

The Entertainment

Firstly, loads of bars including ‘Champagne bar’, ‘The Draft House’, ‘Red bar’ and ‘The Red Room’ are present for quenching your hard drinks thrusts.

Exceptionally, the red room is a huge theatre that would keep you connected with the latest movies on the buzz.

Then, there’s ‘The Casino’, where you can splurge your money to make them grow, provided you are lucky.

The private karaoke, that’s available on booking. Never the less, you are continually subjected to enjoying live music at any point on this vessel.

The ‘Virgin Record Store’ has over the counter playlists, which you can buy for yourselves, if you are a music fanatic.

There are night parties organized on the ships with live DJs and few are called ‘Spa Parties’, which you got to discover yourself. So book your trip now!

Apart from all, there are tattoo parlors which do permanent make up on board. So, think before you indulge in any.

Till now, we saw the inner options, the outdoor sprawling space is full of bars, lounges and swimming pools, so all through the day, you might engage into fine wine dine while being bemused by the fresh air and smell of the sun basking sea waters.

There’s a subtle blend of fitness and relaxation all throughout the voyage, if you meticulously seek around. There are outdoor work out spaces and gyms with gym instructors as well.

The Food

The first thing here is no buffet will be available. So there’s no set time for eating. The eating options are varied simulating the ‘street eats’ and small stalls in a city, serving quick bites. The eatery is called ‘The Galley’, which sports different stalls, inspired from food trucks and food stops, like in any up market, urbanized city.

A variety of street food options like paninis, sushis, burgers, sandwiches, French fries and so on are served hot and plated. The affair is quite similar to a buffet but the difference lies in ordering fresh food to one’s taste.

To your utter exclamation, all of the food on board is available 24 hours a day and absolutely free. There are up to 20 different dining options with absolutely no additional cost, no special tariffs and charges. So, you needn’t worry about bills before satiating the taste buds.

High end, well constructed restaurants spooking finesse and style have also occupied space on this elegant vessel. Platters spread across barbecues, pizzas, mexican and other specialty cuisines. There’s an absolute vegan space called ‘Razzle Dazzle’ too, for the vegetarians.

The dock house is a profound natural enigma as you get to sit there for hours enjoying the bliss of nature and getting your own salad mixed in fresh ingredients by the helpers out there.

It doesn’t end here, surprisingly, there’s an ‘abc’s of cooking’ learning class, where you can actually try out your hand at rustling up your own quick mix.

My Recommendation

I really don’t know what to say. It’s lot more than one can contemplate. The entire arrangement looks so enigmatic. The destinations covered and the journey itself is going to be so rapturous, that’s beyond imagination.

So, pleasure yourself this one time by cruising on the Scarlet Lady by Line Virgin Voyages and amuse the best, with cleverly designed stay-ins, over 20 different food outlets and supplements like gratuities, fitness classes and wifi.

Being an adult only ship, you can be on your own and taking a break from much demanding parenthood.

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