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Tech Watch [TechWatch] Reviews 2019 – Is it a Scam or Legit? Special Offer: TechWatch – Replacing your Smartphone. Price: $199.98, $99.99 (50% discount per unit)

TechWatch [Tech Watch] Reviews - Is it a Scam or Legit

Constant health monitoring.


Better sleep quality.


Valuable aid to staying fit.


Personal voice assistant.


Heart and fitness monitor.



  • Impressive design Available in different colors, intensely rivaling the Apple Watch
  • Stainless steel casing with highest-quality glass face
  • Heart and fitness monitor constantly keeps track of your health
  • Personal voice assistance technology used by CEOs around the world


  • Availability may be limted, as stocks are quickly running out

TechWatch [Tech Watch] Reviews 2019 – Is it a Scam or Legit? Special Offer: TechWatch – Replacing Your Smartphone Price: $199.98, Now $99.99 ( (50% discount per unit) BUY TODAY!

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In, today’s lifestyle, when we seldom have time for our own fitness, it’s too difficult to keep connected with the outer world. Our daily routine doesn’t allow us a check, even on our own health, leaving alone socializing with friends and family. It would have been so nice, if we had a prompter on our head, that would push us for every little thing that we need to do. Then, we would stop bothering people around us for reminding us time and again.

Watches are simple. They show us the time and wakes us up on a set alarm. When mobile phones did the same work, we forgot this little accessory. But, with the advancement of technology and our demanding work schedules, this simple time machine has spread wings.

Now, it’s not just about time, a Techwatch on your hand can do the unthinkable.

They are replacing smart phones, hands free and many such gadgets through the differential functions they perform.

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What is TechWatch?

TechWatch is a technologically advanced apparatus, which will monitor your fitness, manage your calls, messages and also improves your sleep at the end of the day. Apart from showing time and directions, this watch prompts you for walking, when you need it. It monitors your heart beat and blood pressure to keep you alert through the day. A techwatch is that friend which will never fail you ever. A constant companion on your wrist, there’s no way, you miss anything.

Why do I need a TechWatch?

If we need someone to remind us of our important attendants throughout the day, then we hire a personal assistant. At home, of course, we can’t do that. So, for a constant companion who would be next to you during your office work, work outs, business meetings and even in household chores is a Tech Watch Australia.

TechWatch Australia is a revolutionary concept that imbibes the features of any smart phone and fitness tracker, so that you can be on your feet always without neglecting any crucial commitments.

Benefits of using a TechWatch

The gadget itself speaks of it’s benefits.

  • It can be a fitness tracker as it tracks your heart beat, pulse rate, calories burnt and so on.
  • Improves the sleep quality by providing useful insights.
  • Manages your important calls and messages , once connected to your smart phone.
  • Being water and sweat resistant, it can be worn all the time.
  • Tied on your wrist always. So, no fear of getting misplaced.

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Technical story

This watch is one suave product, which looks luxurious on your wrist. The sleek design and glazed glasses on both sides with a bright HD touch screen are a stand apart attraction. People look distinguished in the crowd with this amazing accessory on their wrist.

The touch screen, finger tapping is enough to make this watch function. Manufactured by an European company, the product boasts of best quality material and highly resistant glass. A comfortable silicon band wraps up your wrist. The light weight of the watch never makes you feel, that you are wearing anything.

How does a TechWatch work?

A Tech Watch gets connected to your phone easily through Bluetooth and it’s other adaptability features. Once, that’s done, it can manage calls, play songs and do many more activities.

Apart from that, there’s a tracker embedded in it, which inspires you to spring on your feet on being sedentary for a long time. Through integrated magnets in the system, it’s able to monitor your heart beat, pulse rate and blood pressure while you are exercising.

At nights, it would give you inputs for a better sleep and awake you at the set alarm.

How to use it?

It’s quite easy to get started with Tech Watch. This smart wearable is simple to use by just following few direct instructions. There’s no rocket science in it!

How is TechWatch better than it’s contemporaries?

The first point, that’s prominent here is, the humble price at which it’s available. Lauding the numerous features that it sports, one can simply not imagine the product being so pocket friendly.

Secondly, Tech Watch does what it says. This trendy watch is not just cheap, it’s made of the finest materials and it’s work ability can be assessed, once it’s used.

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Customer’s say,

This product doesn’t require any customer vouches, yet after the satisfaction that it has guaranteed, many wish to speak.

Techwatch Customer Reviews ThisCruelwar

You can also share your distinct experience regarding TechWatch in our comments section.

What’s the price of a Techwatch?


The above link leads you to TechWatch stories. The price, discounts, offers on go for the product are all mentioned in the official website.

Where can I purchase it today?

You, being our privileged reader, can purchase TechWatch right away from the link mentioned above. All our readers are entitled to a 50% discount, free shipping and money back guarantee on dissatisfaction.



I would highly recommend this product to all those people, who have a poor memory and yet a lot of hangovers. Gaining a personal assistant, who would never demand leaves or a hike in pay is nothing but a dream. So, grab this man machine now!


  1. I ordered my watch 22 days ago and still no watch. I think this is a hoax!! Tracking number shipped it to New York and then it disappeared. When I questioned what happened they said it was a logistic problem. Now my tracking # says it never left Singapore. This is a hoax!!

    1. I have been waiting too. I also think this could be a scam. My tracking number just keeps saying, “It will be with us soon”. It was supposed to have been shipped on the 11/12/19. Why is it taking so long and why didnt they say, it would not arrive in time for xmas?

  2. I have not received my watch either. Shows delivery update as of 12/19/2019 but does not indicate where it is. Does PayPal offer a refund?

    1. Hi Grant,
      Have you received your techwatch order now? I want to but one but I am worried that this might be a scam, any advice? Thanks.

  3. This is a total SCAM! One webpage claims it as a German smart watch… There is no German websites at all. All what you can find is even advertisement or Chinese sites… Wonder why it is SOOOOOOO obviously an iWatch 1:1 clone…
    Do you really think German engineers would copy an apple product? In the EU??????
    Just think twice!

  4. Mine arrived in UK in around three weeks a few days ago. So far very pleased. Only complaint is that instruction sheet is a little sparse on information. Plenty of apps, but some with which I am not familiar.

  5. I would like to use it for open water swimming but I can’t find out if it will track my swims and strokes using the GPS. Does anyone know?

  6. Come on! You’ve got to be absolutely brain dead to think this isn’t a scam. Firstly, most of the photos used are of Apple Watches, and the website is obviously a complete fraud. To anyone who has been unlucky enough to fall for this scam, you will need to call Paypal or your Bank and you will be able to be completely refunded, as long as you can prove it was never shipped etc. On PayPal, file a dispute for not shipping, provide screenshots as proof and immediately escalate the dispute to a claim, and you will get your money back in around 3 weeks. As for the bank, phone your bank, tell them what’s happened and see what they can do. TechWatch isn’t real, the company doesn’t exist, it isn’t German and it is a scam. Be careful out there.

    Good luck getting your money back, I hope you do.

  7. Thanks for the warnings.. I am tempted to buy this for my parents but i have to check first whether this is for real by typing TechWatch Scam.. There are different sites and prices for this watch. Even the review from blog.dailylifetech.com seems convincing. But when i checked the blog as well, it is disappointing . I think i will stick to the credible company even it is expensive rather than allured by this 50% discount yet with stress and worry of losing your money. There is a reason why the other companies producing these kind of watch expensive – the quality and durability.

    1. I ordered and received the watch.
      It arrived here in Australia in about four weeks.
      The only negative I can see is the rather limited instructions.

  8. My watch arrived today having ordered it 11 days ago, during the Christmas Holidays. I paid the extra for toughened glass display and wondered why it was not in the box. Having emailed the company I received an almost instant reply to say that it was already on the watch – great service. The watch is of good quality, has a clear display and seems to do exactly as described, with the one exception, it can’t receive messages from an iPhone. Very happy with the product, it is certainly not a scam!

  9. I eventually received mine. It looks good I don’t find it all that easy to use. Fall detection which I wanted is yet to be added and I’m very disappointed with the battery life, I dont even get a days use and no app are open.Would I recommend it, note sure.

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