Online Website Reviews Reviews Uk [Feb 2020] Really Work? Reviews Uk 2020 Reviews Uk [Feb 2020] Really Work? > This article is for those individuals, who are awaiting their tax returns for a long time and are wary about getting back the same. They can choose to avail services from such privately owned websites (only after verification) and get their work done faster, by paying a fee.

How much are you concerned about your taxes? Specially, the overhead payments that we make, boggle us all the way till the time, we get the refunds. The tax return is a viable subject that calculates a person’s tax liabilities in terms of payments, over-payments and liabilities. In most countries, tax returns are filed annually.

In the UK, people have to file a tax returns every year and declare their income and capital gains. An official form is required to be duly filled and submitted before the deadline to HM revenue and customs (HMRC).

Once, the signed forms are received, it takes typically, 8-10 weeks to process and pay the refunds by the organization (HMRC). Basically, the process becomes tedious, if there’s any discrepancy in calculations or other vital information.

The time then might extend to months. That’s one of the reasons, why people resort to private services for getting their reversals sooner. Reviews is one such site that claims to do the needful meticulously in little time.

What is Reviews is a privately owned service provider, which promises to re-claim overpaid money (taxes) for all taxpayers. According to the company, their website is user-friendly and can be utilized for maximum refunds over shortest possible time. But, how legit is it? Does it really do, what it promises?

An individual can be eligible for utilizing the services of this website only if he or she has worn an uniform to work or has paid an union fee with a non-generic tax code. Then, one can choose his or her industry and receive an estimate of potential tax rebate by HMRC.

The application form is supposedly filled up within 5 minutes and thereby, tax rebate can be claimed. website review

If you browse the website, then in the ‘About’ section, the company conveniently claims a six digit figure for the number beneficiaries, they have served. Even the amount of money disbursed at a single time is also huge.

Then, for the sake of building trust, any company would exhibit such large numbers. The point is why didn’t they provide real time contact numbers or original identity of the beneficiaries?

How can we be convinced about their assertions?

The ‘contact’ page does contain details of a physical address and a phone number, even e-mail ids too. This of course can be verified by physical visits and making calls to the phone number provided.

Is scam or legit?

About their fee structure, they are quite clear about the terms. They say only after refund, the fee will be subjected to the greater value of 28% (plus VAT) or 35 Euros (plus VAT), lesser than that will be limited to refund only.

This declaration sounds quite legitimate. Whether they are able to make the returns possible in real time or not, that’s something we need to extrospect. Reviews

Going through some of the customer’s experiences, where they have mentioned delay in receiving the refunds. Also, that they were charged twice or thrice depending on the cheques received certainly raises concerns.

Again, the positive feedback from people raves the service for prompt and unfiltered tax refunds. Some individuals, who had lost hope of the reversal of over charges, have also got benefitted from this private firm’s generosity.

These are certain analysis, that I have read through the internet but again, we can’t be sure of the authenticity either.

You can get your tax refunds from HMRC by using a template on MSE, which is absolutely free. There are several firms, which are exploiting this fact that we seldom get time for going the conventional way and like to outsource to the speedier and convenient way-outs.

These firms, charge a fee, which is not nominal and can be avoided, if we don’t use their services.

In case of, it’s a UK registered company, so it’s not a scam.

My Recommendation

Here, I recommend everyone, to take an initiative and learn about the website and it’s services from social media groups. One should discuss about it’s statements and the services they offer.

Evaluating the experiences of the people who have truly interplayed the site and have got gains or loss will be immensely helpful in taking your decision forward.

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