Online Website Reviews Reviews 2020 ⇒ Is Survey Junkies Scam? Review 2020 ⇒ Is Survey Junkies Scam?

Surveyjunkies.Co Review 2020 ⇒ Is Survey Junkies Scam? Survey junkies is for real! It pays authentic dollars to it’s participants and it’s existence is very much evident by the number of associated big industrial players.

It was the beginning of summer and I was reclining with my young one on my lap. I happened to notice Simmy, my next door neighbor, leaving for office. Oh! how I wished to get back my full time employment, the one I had to forego to support the complications of my pregnancy. Immediately, I took out my android phone and started discerning work from home options. This was nothing new for me. I have done this umpteen times post my delivery, yet couldn’t hook onto anything in particular due to credibility issues. Has this happened to you? Most women due to lack of support or any other reason are unable to pursue their careeristic goals. Money making however is different and renders a slight solace here. In this world of business, if you can earn a pie, sitting at home, isn’t it worth? So, here comes ‘’, which offers countless surveys for making you pocket small income.

What is Surveyjunkies.Co?

Survey junkies co was founded in the year 2013, in the United States, with a motive to gather consumer opinions for companies, in order that the latter might improve on their services towards the former. Opinions or stances can be best mustered through filling up questionnaires by as many heads as possible. This is where; our work begins as an earner.

Companies, who are enrolled with this website pay for your suggestions and you voluntarily can choose through the types of questionnaires that you willing answer based on your personal experiences.

Survey Junkies.Co Review

Survey junkies is a proliferating online community with almost 3 million members. It’s not a great deal of wealth that you accumulate but your occasional indulges like vacationing, shopping or anything that you desire for yourself can be sustained with earnings from here.

A few hours of answering queries makes you a little cash rich over a month, which is needed, isn’t it?

You can also participate in focus groups, the kind of work you do, will be surely rewarded based on survey junkies policies.

The best part is, you can join it free and work according to your fancy. Be rest assured of your innings!

How does Surveyjunkies work?

It’s super easy to get onto surveys here. Just log into your account after registering and watch out for availability of surveys. Each survey states the time required for completion and the points accrued to you.

You could click on ‘start survey’ tab and start screening the answers for some customary questions like age, income level and so on. Sometimes, your profile as a consumer is assessed and then, on being eligible, surveys are posted for you. The criterion is never stringent, so one can qualify for innumerable surveys and thereby be entitled for rising pay.

Survey topics vary from anything and everything under the roof and it solely depends on the company.

The award is in the form of points. One point values one cent. So, according to the points accumulated, money is earned.

Apart from the usual questionnaires, one more facility is ‘focus groups’. Diverging into the latter, gives you higher payouts and the selection procedure is based on demography.

How do you get paid?

After signing up, when you start taking surveys, on completion of every set, you receive points. A 100 points make a dollar, and a minimum of 1000 points will allow withdrawal of cash, which amounts to $10. PayPal is the official payment portal here, so you can redeem your money through it. Also, occasional surprises like a phone, tab or any other item equal to your earned points are gifted to you through online retailers like Amazon and Target.

Why should you work with

There are a handful of advantages here,

  • Of course, the underlying fact that you can work from the comfort of your space anytime and anywhere, provided you have a laptop and a unflagging internet connectivity.
  • Secondly, the process is fast because of two reasons. The first being, the questions doesn’t need too much of a brain cramming. The other reason is that the time frame is already bound, you got to be fast man!
  • It’s reliable because of the credible associations it has with PayPal, Amazon and other popular sites.
  • The entire phenomenon from registration till taking up surveys and adding points is made lucid for any newcomer. It’s self explanatory, so you don’t require any physical assistance here.
  • Now, this is an excellent feature here, even if you are unable to complete a particular survey then also you will be awarded certain points based on your performance. That’s motivating.
  • Now, since every bit should be uniformly weighed, why leave out on the cons?
  • Suppose you take a sabbatical from the app, then you might miss out a lot, even few incomplete surveys will be discovered filled up.
  • While any device that works in tandem with the internet, can be used for working still the screen size matters. A laptop is the ideal medium here.
  • Sometimes, even after answering a couple of questions, a person might get disqualified for the rest of the survey. That’s a bit disheartening!
  • The subjects of surveys are chosen randomly so, you don’t really get to choose on that. So, even if the topic isn’t to your liking, you got to finish the survey.
  • Even if you are a regular performer here, there’s a limitation to your earning. You won’t be affluent just bag a little extra income.

Who would like to play here?

People who have plenty of loose time and want to make some fast bucks will be highly benefited by Also, one needs to be interested in sharing viewpoints.

My Recommendation

Survey junkies is for real! It pays authentic dollars to it’s participants and it’s existence is very much evident by the number of associated big industrial players. This online portal basically serves as a middle man to both sides , and collude to bring out the best in businesses. If you are a starter and wish to bag a few bucks for an imminent small requirement then, this is the place you can look. However, you can’t earn in one day, it’s a perpetual process and requires sincerity.

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