Online Website Reviews Reviews 2020 【Read This Before Buying】 Reviews 2020 ThisCruelwar Reviews 2020 【Read This Before Buying】 >> The article talks about the online jewelry store website, Science mart. It will discuss in detail whether the website is legit or scamming people.

The first piece of jewelry can be dated back to the time of the Neanderthals, who occupied today’s Europe—reminding us that silver has been a big part of our lives! Numerous excavations from the cities of Egypt, Iraq, Bulgaria, and even Siberia show that jewelry was a huge deal! Just like how today an attire is not complete without your favorite pair of earrings. What started with bones and teeth turned into gold, precious stones, and other mixed metals. An online jewelry retailer that has tasted success in the United States is Science mart! A variety of such online stores have been popping up. Brands like Amazon made it possible! So, Is Sciencemart Legit, and is the science mart jewelry worth buying? Let’s find that out in the Science Mart Jewelry Reviews below.

What Is Science Mart?

It is an online retailer of science-inspired jewelry. Their variety ranges from earrings and chains to rings and more. The brand’s motto is to spread the importance of science and generate influence about it through its products. Science is all around us, and keeping it alive regardless of our professions is mandatory states the brand! You will know that they genuinely believe in it when you read the details of the products. The emphasis on this detail a whole lot!

  • The website looks clean and crisp, and its logo that is four atoms spinning on their axis is impressive. They have a very “In Your face” approach towards their branding. Making it look almost forceful! It does make me wonder, “Is Sciencemart Legit?
  • Numerous science-inspired jewelry brands are popping up online. This fad seems to have had people hooked. So, what has Sciencemart to offer to Its customers that sets it apart from the others? The prices provided by the brand are too hard to miss out on! A cute dinosaur necklace for $6.95, which was previously priced $22.95! Such products are easily sold for a price upwards of $30 on sites such as Etsy, and I love science stores!
  • A little snooping of the site will show you that they do not have a customer care phone number! But there is an email id provided.
  • There is no segregating of products. All are placed in the same 12 pages! So, if you want to find a set of earrings you like, scroll around. A hidden feature will fix this problem. The bottom of the screen on this site, you will spot “Search.” It is right near the “contact us” option. Typing in what you are searching for on the search bar that pops up on your screen will cut down on time spent scrolling around.
  • Amidst all this chaos, you will also spot random bracelets, necklaces, and rings. They do not match the theme the brand keeps pushing at you.
  • There is no mention of what the products are made from, which may leave you questioning if they are made of inferior material and have a coating. This coating may be silver by the looks of it!
  • The website was set up in 2020, unsure of the month! It is possible that they are still working on it and may update it soon!

Science Mart Jewellery Reviews

Like I said above, the establishing date of the brand mentioned is 2020. Hence there are no customer reviews available! The “Contact Us” section provides only email id, something familiar with the freshest online retailer we come across. No mention of social media pages like its contemporaries. Why is it necessary for new brands to have social media pages? For the sole reason to find customer feedback! Be it good or bad, you can check the page out, and it provides you with the validity of the brand’s existence.

  • The products are beautiful, particularly smitten with the dinosaur necklace, which may be silver plated. The bones are broken down and hung around the chain like tiny pendants. It is something that I have not seen before and hence something I would want to buy. This dinosaur necklace is also available in a matt black color.
  • Another product that I liked was the adjustable DNA rings. I am a sucker for silver rings, and the DNA helix was always something that I was curious about. It would be a beautiful addition to your jewelry box! You can also get yourself the matching DNA bracelet, earrings as well as a pendant! All for under $10.45. Isn’t that amazing?
  • What I do not like about the website is that they give you precise product details. There is, however, an elaborate mention of how important science is to the brand.

Who Is Science Mart Perfect For?

Well, they offer jewelry that is at a slashed price! Most jewelry brands provide you similar products at a price that is probably one month’s rent! A full set that will include earrings, bracelet, pendant as well as a ring can easily be obtained at less than $20! These will also make for a great gifting option.

Where can I get this product?

The jewelry is only available to be purchased online. Fret not at they deliver worldwide. There are no clear shipping details mentioned on the website as it lacks a “Shipping page.”

Hence no mention of how much they would be charging for delivering to your country of residence. A quick read of the various sections on the website will leave you annoyed. It seems as if the brand haphazardly filled in details to launch the site. Can we blame this on the website being reasonably new in the market? Maybe! Maybe you can reach them out on the email id provided!

Final verdict-

The website is clean and crisp. Navigating around it is relatively easy, but for the average consumer, it may not be visible. No reviews can be found, and neither has the brand mentioned any on the site! You may not be able to see what the product is made up of until the purchase is made! What I did like about this brand was its experiment with the science genre! Coming up with dinosaur and atom styled necklaces, bracelets, and more! You may or may not choose to buy from the website. Some may face a bad experience, while some may love the products purchased.

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