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Scarfiv Reviews 【APRIL 2020】 Read This Before Buying

Scarfiv Reviews 【APRIL 2020】 Read This Before Buying

Scarfiv Reviews 【APRIL 2020】 Read This Before Buying -> The post shall tell you whether a new online retailer is scamming you or is it legit. Read the full review to know.

If you are on this page, then you must fancy yourself some gym equipment or sturdy furniture for your homes. A new website that has been seen moderate success in this genre amongst the people of United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, etc. is Scarfiv.

This Scarfiv Reviews promises to give you an insight into what all the site has to offer. Read the full review to get a clearer understanding of what the brand has to offer.

What is Scarfiv?

The name of the brand gives nothing away, so you don’t quite understand, “what is scarfiv??” Well, it is an online site that offers its customers with products that range from storage cabinets and other furniture to gym machines and products that could fuel a new hobby.

It is a new seller, and the about us section does not provide much information. Clicking on the shipping details will redirect you to the “Home Gym’ part. It will make you wonder if scarfiv scam and should a purchase be even made?

The next set of pointers shall give you clarity regarding this. So, read this post to the very end.

Is Scarfiv a scam? Or Is it a legit site?

is scarfiv a legit website, is a question a lot of you may be searching for. Let us discuss that in detail.

  • To begin with, the site has an SSL certificate. This certificate ensures that all your information used on the website is encrypted.
  • The website design is minimalist and not cluttered like usual scam sites. It makes sure the user has clean and smooth surfing.
  • They provide detailed information as well as clear HD images of all the products.
  • You will notice a lock symbol next to the website URL. If you click on it and check on the settings, you will get to know that all your information is locked. Only you can unlock it manually.
  • scarfiv online store allows the purchase of its products using any of your visa cards, American Express, Mastercard, and even the infamous PayPal.
  • However, its shipping details are improper, which can be confusing.
  • They only provide an email id- in their customer section. No number or return address is provided, this can worry some.
  • There are no reviews of the site available online or on the site.

Well, the points speak for as well as against making a purchase from the site. You could blame a lot of the problems on the site being newly set up. You must base your opinion of the site after making a purchase, though!

What products are available? How to purchase from this site?

The scarfiv website offers a variety of equipment and furniture to choose from. You will see the following categories on the site-

  • The number one and most sought after is the Sports and Outdoors section. It majorly consists of plastic pools, exercise machines such as punching bag systems and foldable treadmill, and then comes the outdoor grills and some kid’s toy cars.
  • Its furniture section consists of some cabinets, beds, shelves, and outdoor pool area setups such as gazebos and pool chairs to relax on.
  • The last section is its poultry care section, which consists of dog houses, cat towers that double as scratch posts, and chicken coups. If you are a pet owner, then this site will provide you with some budget bedding options.

scarfiv takes a minimum of 5-10 days to deliver the products to you. When you check out, you will notice that free shipping is offered on purchases made above $39.

Standard 7-20-day shipping will add $ 12.99 to your cart! They also provide a “fast shipping” option.

They deliver worldwide, but the time is taken for it to reach you shall depend on where you live; however, since there are no contact details or a return address provided, you don’t know what to do in case of a return.

The email provided by scarfiv online store looks shoddy. So, you must tread carefully.

Final Verdict-

I hope the post tells you what is scarfiv and if this online store is scamming you. For the most part, the products seem legit and look like something you could purchase. The decision to make a purchase or not is totally up to you.

If you have purchased from the Scarfiv online store before, then do share your experience with us by writing it down in the comments below.

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