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Salgant Rugs Reviews [May] Understand Truth and Decide!

Salgant Rugs Reviews 2020

Salgant Rugs Reviews [May] Understand Truth and Decide! -> In this article, you get to know about an online store to buy home decors.

Are you looking to buy home decor online? Get a look at Salgant.

We analyzed a lot of Salgant Rugs Reviews to get information about the site and its products. The company has recently turned itself into an online platform. Hence many customers might not know about the website. That’s why we thought of reviewing the site in detail for your knowledge.

We can find that new online stores selling home decor are emerging day by day. These websites need to bring exciting offers and quality products to gain recognition among customers. Mostly, a new website tries to bring out some unique products along with them.

It is mainly from the United States that most of the established shopping stores emerge. Online stores also help the company to gain Global attention in a short span. It is due to this reason that companies are now turning themselves into online platforms. Many other countries are also stepping forward to sell products online since it is very convenient for the customers.

A lot of questions may be going through your mind regarding the website. Don’t worry; we have got the answers to most of your questions. Read this article till the end to know that, Is Salgant. Com Legit?

Is Salgant Legit?

People have not reviewed the products on the company’s website, so we have analyzed reviews available on the internet. The site has been functioning in for less than 6 months. ‘About us’ page is missing on the website that is a significant drawback. Many people tend to refer to the ‘about us’ page before buying any product from the site.

The company has not mentioned its address and customer care number. Neither have they linked themselves to any of the social media platforms.

Negative remarks about the website found online where more than the positive ones. All these instances show that the chances for the site to be legit is meager.

What is Salgant com?

Salgant com is a website from where you can shop home decor online. The site is mainly known for selling quality Rugs.

Other products are Runner carpet, Tote bag, table cloth, round carpet, doormat, fleece blanket, quilt blanket, pillowcase, and many more. The site gives you the solution to your home decor related problems.

Many designs of a particular product can be found on the site, allowing you to choose from the various models available on the website.

Specification of Salgant Com:

  • Products: Home Decors
  • URL:
  • Email ID:
  • The time required for shipping: within five days
  • The time required for delivery: 5 to 10 days
  • Returns/Exchange: 30 days
  • Refunds: (period not specified)
  • Payment method: Credit Cards and Paypal

Pros of buying from Salgant Com:

  • The site has a wide range of home decors.
  • People can place the order from anywhere around the world.
  • You can pay through PayPal and credit cards.

Cons of buying from Salgant Com:

  • Cash on delivery facility is unavailable
  • Customers have not reviewed the product on the website.
  • The site has not mentioned its Company’s Address and customer care number.

Reviews by the customers of Salgant com:

People have not reviewed the product on the company’s website. So we analyzed all information available on the Internet about the site. It has been less than six months since the website is functioning, which may be why people have not placed any reviews about the products.

It was mostly negative remarks about the website that we found online than the positive ones. The site has got no ‘about us’ page, which is a significant drawback since customers mainly refer to that before placing their order with the website.

According to the information available on the website, the company claims to deliver the product within ten days. After going through the products on the site, its design seems to be unique.

Final verdict:

The website has been functioning for less than six months; that’s why we couldn’t find any reviews about the product on the company’s website. After reviewing all the information found on the Internet about the site, we found that the negative remarks were more than the positive ones.

We found no information about the company’s address and customer care number. Also, the about us page is missing on the website. Hence the chances for the website to be legit is very low.

Place your comment below if you wish to share any previous experiences with the site.

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