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Roskoh com Reviews {March 2020} Is It a Scam or Legit?

Roskoh com Reviews {March 2020} Is It a Scam or Legit

Online shopping is the craze these days. People just don’t think much and place their order as the returns and replacements are made easy with the help of their(online shops) collaborators. Everything is at your fingertips. Just conveniently browse and get the payment done at the click of your finger.

Unlike physical stores, individuals don’t have to spare considerable time visiting the far flung stores, tolerate noisy sales persons, and stand in long queues at the payment counters.

Like brick and mortar shops have their own disadvantages, so does online shopping sites. One can lose their hard earned money, just like that, if you are not careful and analytical about your dealings. Not all online stores are true ones; some are scamsters, which you should be aware of.

These scam websites are difficult to decipher but with a scornful observation, one can touch the reality and save one’s self from being cheated. seems to be one unfinished website which has a misleading front face.

What is

It is a website that shows images of clothing, watches, luggage bags and glasses. Now, that appears to be a ‘genre’ to deal with. But if you start clicking in you would find a variety of wanted but unrelated product line such as mixers, coffee machines and furniture.

This is shocking and totally out of context. There’s no description about the products except that the quoted prices look fairly low and attractive. The prices are unbeatable and unrealistic, which act as a bait here for customers to fall prey to such fraudster online shops.

The ‘About Us’ section is missing, so it’s difficult to understand what their business is all about? Like any other fraudulent site, here also the ‘Contact Us’ page doesn’t reveal any information regarding the owner(s) of the company like address, contact number etc. Instead they seek customer information.

The website doesn’t look very well constructed and has no appeal to it.

Who should buy from here?

Anybody, who is new to the business world thriving on the internet, would buy from here. That’s because the products look seemingly attractive but unreal to new eyes. The images are fake yet sport the items on display. They don’t have any description attached to them, or any blogs affirming their viability. is recently registered in 2013, so it has to work a long way for establishing it’s credibility, if it desires to do so. Reviews

Several customers belonging to the United states, in mentioning about ‘roskoh reviews’, say that the website has charged them off their money but haven’t furnished the items ordered.

On making complaints, the website holders promised to return back the expenditure within 15 to 30 days and haven’t conformed on that even. This clearly states that is a scam.

People have ordered items and paid for the same only to discover that the products are actually unavailable and the money is taken. This is not just an accident but a recurrence with all products.

Is scam or legit?

Roskoh Review has already confirmed that this site is unreliable. It offers ‘too good to be true deals’ and at the same time, none of the products are ever available after payment. Here are some red flags or danger signals attached to,

  • The owner’s credentials are missing, so as a customer we really don’t know about whom we are dealing with.
  • When the company details are missing, it’s difficult to trace back if any misgiving happens, like the product might go amiss or might not conform to the quality expected.
  • Roskoh offers unbelievable prices for known products which is a devious trap. People fall in for the cheap rates and eventually lose money and product both.
  • A very interesting discovery corroborates the fact that is unauthentic. The website’s content is copied. The content can be checked using any plagiarism tool and the results remain founded. Not only the writing, even the pictures are copied from ‘Google’.
  • Earlier the fraudulent sites would perish from the world of internet, once their true face is revealed. That’s because they wouldn’t deliver any product for the money they took, so the money got refunded from the ‘Paypal’ and other pay masters. These days, however the picture is different. The wrongful sites deliver the wrong product and the money is never refunded, so they have a long life.
  • The scam sites simply apologize stating the unavailability of the actual items and also retains the payment under the pretext of extended time line for reversal of the same.
  • The website just has a basic security measure which is a SSL certificate. It no way protects data from hackers and other information dwellers from big companies and sites.
  • In short, isn’t a safe site to shop. It will not only rob you of your money but also not keep your information safe.

My Recommendation

As a good will, it’s important to talk about every new website one encounters on the internet. Spreading the word among the social media groups will not only arouse awareness but one can obtain crucial leads about the same.

A precautionary measure is never to pay beforehand. A reliable site will always have ‘cash on delivery’ option. Try that first. If it works, then one can make further transactions therein.

Websites like are so elusive, that nothing can be made out from the images that it shows or the prices quoted. The models even don’t look real.

In spite of the entire premonition that one has, still if you are caught up in a scam then do raise a hue and cry about your experience in the social media and of course lodge a complaint with the cyber crime cell.

Fraudulent websites are quite scared of hype, so do not stop yourself from complaining.


This article is for readers who are not aware of The read is clearly meant to spread awareness and caution among innocent online shoppers.

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