Promlily Reviews 2020 – Is It a Scam or Legit?

Promlily Reviews 2020

Promlily Reviews 2020 – Is It a Scam or Legit? -> It is a scam site, its sale copied items without any authorization and promise to offer authentic dresses but it never stable on their promise.

Promlily Reviews is online selling site which loaded of fashionable stylish and alluring women dresses. After getting more research we can explain about this site. Hence this site come from Asia with beautiful copied designer dresses. They publish copied dresses without any permission of designer. Use the same pictures illegally and selling all products without mention any particular information like owner detail and company information as well.

We are a successful platform to reach the customers though about Promlily Reviews and directly receive various negative reviews from them. They said their story and explain how they lost their money through online purchasing for costly dresses.

Is Promlily Com Legit?

First of all, we want to tell you legit sites never hide their owner detail, company profile, and reviews if it is authentic. When we start to go for online shopping we must careful some of the important tips.

  • Read the company profile: if the site is authentic it will hide the company information and you must start shopping after getting all the information about the company.
  • Check the website holder story: there is no story, mean if you are getting any story of the owner then I could be fake and some hackers holding this site.
  • Avoid online shopping on your first experience: if you are going to online shopping from this site then you should avoid through online transactions other your card detail might be stolen through cybercriminal.
  • Customers reviews ensure you for shopping: customers got damage quality from this site and no one comes back to take it or refund their money but also their account detail was hacked from hackers.

Is Promlily Com Scam?

There are various identification to recognized the site is scammed or legit. First, you need to read these tips before going to online shopping here.

  • If it is not a scam then you will get owner detail and company information also.
  • Hackers are behind the beautiful sites and they force for online payment immediately.
  • More discounts can ruin your account because these sites offer the item in a huge discount to get you alert.
  • Grammatically & spelling errors are the good mark to recognize site history and it quickly alerts your mind this is a scam site.
  • Customer reviews are the best part to know the authenticity of the website is a scam or not.


Promlily Website Review is added with various copied dresses and pictures without permission to publish or not. Customers or users easily get the detail of this site to go for previous customer reviews which are the best helpline option for us.

Our team efforts to get information scam or legit site to reach you so that your money could be saved from online cybercriminals.

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