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Recent times have changed. Due to the indispensible and prevalent social media, we seldom leave time for others, leaving alone our ownselves. Staying connected is the norm and if you are out of it, then you stand a loser.

Social media seems like a bane, when we see people surrounding us fiddling their mobile phones, disregard of time and space.

Weighing the benefit, in several cases, being connected socially help us stay updated and informed. We get to realize the happenings around us much faster than before and stay alarmed. is one such website that connects you with the local residents of your area, in case you need any help there.

Before, we actually enter the nextdoor reviews, we must understand a few things,

What is Revoews is a website for the residential community, where one lives, that means the neighborhood to which you belong.

It’s like a face book page for the local friends or residents. You can post, interact and be familiar with any member of this website. Individuals are allowed to register in nextdoor, only after qualifying the neighborhood questionnaire and cannot be a member of more than one community.

The nextdoor company was founded in 2008 at San Francisco, California. Later, it was launched in United States on October 11th and presently has it’s validity in 11 more countries.

Nextdoor deals with real information only and is securely encrypted using HTTPS internet protocol.

You can conceal your whereabouts to some extent but not place any fraudulent data in there.

Members put in their real identity to collaborate and communicate with others in the website. Once, information is found invalid, the candidature gets cancelled automatically by the company.

Who’s this for? is for anybody across the world, who can’t always walk out of his space to make friends and learn information. The website comes handy in knowing people in your dwelling area. Review

Many neighborhoods across the world are in the dilemma, whether they should harbor or not?

The website is no doubt useful for knowing the local residents but there are times, when your own dignity might get compromised owing to overindulgent, peeky neighbors.

A single commendable feature of this nextdoor website is that you can get recommendations on community helpers like doctors, plumbers, pediatricians and so on. Not only, you can pull information from your immediate neighbourhood but also 17 other close communities come to your aid.

So, the next door website is a great facilitator, when it comes to obtaining useful information on specific grounds.

The second advantage of registering in the is that it alerts and alarms you of any suspicious activities happening in the connected areas, like missing animals, theft, break-ins and crimes.

Apart from the disturbing events, petty immiscible news like decoration on any celebration or somebody’s annoying dog are observed being exchanged on this website.

Do, be careful on commenting or responding to such posts, it might anguish or irritate somebody.

It’s definitely important to consider all factors before being expressive on the nextdoor website. Your comments and posts may break or build your relationships and reputation.

Nextdoor website is a great way to communicate and safeguard the community’s interests, provided every member behaves responsibly and doesn’t aim at causing any resentment in others.

Is legit?

Nextdoor is a great way to communicate caution about any imminent happening. But, you have to be utterly careful about your privacy settings like you do on facebook, so that no irrelevant or personal information is let out to strangers.

The data can be misused.

It’s easy to set the settings as the options are clear and understandable on the settings page of the nextdoor website.

You needn’t be prudent and furnish all your information to accuracy like specific address, children and so on. Keeping certain things confidential will safeguard your interest.

My Recommendation

By maintaining a little caution, you can use this very resourceful noble website for all positive leanings and stay away from derogatory or unpleasant events.

The nextdoor website invites you for free joining, that leaves few people skeptical, but many registered users, who are present already on the website are finding it beneficial for procuring local information about nannies, baby sitters or daycare and so on.

Every social media website comes with it’s own pros and cons. It’s upto us how we utilize the resource righteously without breaching trust and drawing the line when needed.

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