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Nbvstore Reviews [2020] Is It Matter of Losing Your Money?

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Nbvstore Reviews [2020] Is It Matter of Losing Your Money? -> The article talks about the online retailer It is a new website that sells designer products at cheap and affordable prices.

Pinterest and DIY video’s by YouTubers, as well as TikTok channels, brought forth the idea of cutesy ways to store items. We are very careless with our things on most days. You are later complaining of having lost them. A product such as a hairdryer holder could easily be stuck on the wall of your bathroom and help you save up space. Such an item comes in handy when you live in a tiny apartment! A variety of online websites and sellers stock up such products, but they rarely give you your money’s worth! Moreover, there is no guarantee of the authenticity of these products!

A fresh new website that has been functional in the United States is the Nbv store. So, Is Nbv Store Legit? Or Is Nbvstore Scam? The Nbvstore Reviews below will help you figure that out!

What Is Nbv Store?

Nbv is an online retailer that sells its products at a discount of up to 70%. A discount you can get by becoming a member of the online retailer. This type of business model has originated out of the United States. The membership is completely free, and the products available are rather affordable, apart from fresh products they also sell pre-used or pre-owned items which are labelled to avoid confusion.

  • You must be wondering, how is Nbv Store any different from other online retailers sell the products? Well, they claim to be directly working with designers and other authorized sellers. Thus, bringing one of a kind and coveted product to its consumers. The online retailer also claims that its products are 100% authentic!
  • The website showcases a total of 14 products once you open it up. There is no way of knowing how many products are available on it as they do not mention when or if any new products will be added to the existing collection. Check and search alphabetically or new to old added products, you still see the same on your screen.
  • But when you click to open a product to purchase it, you are shown other products at the bottom of your screen. These products are not visible on the main page!
  • Maybe the website is still undergoing work as it shows a recent creating date address! But it always makes me wonder Is Nbvstore Scam?
  • What I did like about the products displayed is that they all are perfect for covering spaces on walls/Almira/other areas. They ensure all the noon and crannies of your humble abode are judiciously used. I especially loved the net laundry shoes drying bag. After washing my sports shoes, I find it challenging to dry them. The water seeps out of the shoes as they dry, making the while balcony a mess.
  • So, Is Nbv Store Legit?

Nvbstore.Com Reviews

The website shows a customer care number that will help get in touch with the brand apart from the email id. Digging deeper and scoping the “Contact Us” section tells you that you cannot call on the number and only leave a text! But mention that it is best to connect with them is via mail. Why even provide a phone number Nbvstore! They show the social media icons at the very bottom of your screen! Woohoo, you go and say Is Nbvstore legit? Sadly, on clicking the icons, you are diverted back to the same page! Their returns policies are more transparent as compared to other online retail brands, so that’s a bonus! One Google search shows nothing about the brand, assuming since its still a baby in the market of online retailing.

I have taken a liking to most of the products this online retailer is offering.

  • Zipper Machine Shoe wash bag, this product helps you easily wash your dirty shoes in the washing machine. You can forget scrubbing them clean with bare hands and dump them in the washer. It is priced $16.08, a tad bit expensive as compared to the rest but worth the money.
  • Earphone Storage Box. I struggle with trying to locate my white earphones daily! This cute box is available in 3 variants. It has ample space to squeeze in a charger quickly! Priced $1.98! I should buy this storage box.

Where can I get this product?

Nbvstore provides free shipping worldwide if your orders are worth $25. On orders that are below $25 will be charged a $2.99 shipping free. A $3.99 can fast track the package for you if there is an urgency. An average wait of 10-15 days is guaranteed, so order accordingly.

What about returns? Well, the shipping charges are non-refundable unless the product is faulty. They mention that you must send the return prepaid using UPS or FedEX. All those worried about losing their money on a defective product shouldn’t! Nbvstore promises to credit your card or PayPal account connected with the website. This happens once the item has reached the facilities, all the details are straightforward, and there are no signs of deceit! Sadly, you will struggle to make an order if you are a resident of the following countries- China, Chile, South Korea, South Africa, Mexico, Cyprus, Iran, India, and Brazil. You can choose to place an order, however, at your own risk. The company will not take guarantee your products.

Final verdict-

As a person who loves purchasing products that are new and colorful. Out of the ordinary and never seen before, I would love to buy all of them in multiples! The prices are reasonable too. What I did not like about was the uncouth display of the website. It is sleek and minimalistic but haphazardly put together. You see only 14 products in total but on opening anyone to purchase. You spot multiple other items such as iPads, Halloween decorations, 66FT 200 LED indoor string lights and Lubricant eye drops, etc. This baffles me as there is no proper classification of products available!

Apart from that, you can choose to or not give this online retailer a try! Ensure you are thorough with the shipping and returns policy on the website before doing so.

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