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Mangoee Review 2020 | Is Mangoee.Com a Scam?

Mangoee Review 2020

Mangoee Review 2020 | Is Mangoee.Com a Scam? :- not? It is share to awareness and education and help to protect the customer from scammers.

Is trustworthy or harmful for online shoppers? The present-day is an edge of the internet and computers. There are so many online stores whose selling goods with a high price and free shipping and money-back guaranty under some circumstances like wrong or damaged item.

Some of them are doing scam with their consumers or online shoppers. If you are shopping from any scam website, then they can steal your money and financial data and sold your data to other scammers or cybercriminals.

Scammers do not deliver the original item they send you a completely wrong or very cheap or damaged product, and sometimes they do not provide anything. Cybercriminals can steal your money from your account by using your financial data like password debit/credit card no user name of your net banking, mobile no address and your email id.

Today we are talking about website. Is it genuine or not for shopping from it?

What is

Mangoee Review is a shopping website which sold so many products like gardening equipment, home decor, and health & beautifies products, consumer electronics and so on. These all product sold on with a great discounted price.

They have contracted with National Fulfillment Centers for fast and secure shipping customers products in a well-managed way. They give the customers refund if the wrong item or damaged item is delivered, and request accepted within 14 days from receiving the item.

If you receive a damaged or wrong product, then take a picture of the product which can easily show the defect and mail them to mangoee Reviews customer-support ( which is available 24 hours Monday to Saturday. And they reply through mail instruction of refund/return.

They only refunds for regular sell item not for promotional sales item. Also, the item must be in the original condition with all tags and box.

It is a new website, the domain date is October 2019, so it can be a scam we are not sure about it. So we cannot recommend shopping from it until checkout some information about it.

Is scamming to their customers?

There are so many online shopping websites which are legit and trustworthy like,, and, and so on. But there is some website which scams customer’s money and data, like,,,, and so on.

We are trying to research about, but we cannot find any negative review or anything find the domain date, which is October 2019 only five-month-old. But this does not mean it is useful as legit, but we are not sure about it.

Here are some points which make them suspicious like huge discount almost every product, simple design as scammer’s website means does not great build and design, and just five months older domain. So we can say about it might be is a scam not legit.


The article ‘Mangoee – Review – Is doing scam or not?’ we are giving a review about which looks so suspicious in many ways like only a few months older when trust making is a time consuming process. It provides a very massive discount with coupons on almost every item.

So we do not recommend to any shopper to shopping from it or any new arrived website and save themselves from any scam and other cyber frauds. Please give us your feedback to improve in the future articles and also comment in the comment box below.

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