Where To Buy Madixa Shoes

Where To Buy Madixa Shoes

Where To Buy Madixa Shoes


  1. Poor customer support. Husband was sent a pair of shoes that were marked 48 (US14) that were only a US10. They are expecting us to send them back at our expense with no guarantee of refund, when it was their mistake. Based in China and call themselves Mysticbeauty on credit card receipt. Very dodgy.

    1. I too ordered a US14 and received a shoe that said 48 and it is a US10….my PayPal receipt says HUSTLE LLC. Exactly what i got hustled..! I don’t know what to do other than contest on PayPal. I like the show, but am completely aggravated at the waste of my time and money.

    2. I received the same poor service. Cheap shoes from China with the wrong size. Took weeks to receive! Was told to send back at my cost. Will donate them to someone who needs them instead. I would NOT recommend buying from this outfit!

  2. I placed an order for a pair of these shoes on Nov 13th and was given a delivery date of Nov 26th to Dec 6th!! Now I’m being told delivery will be later than told! Dec 4th to Dec 12th!!! If your needing shoes anytime soon then don’t orde from Madixa!!

  3. I ordered these on Nov 21 with a projected delivery between Dec 5 and Dec 13. On Dec 10 I sent a follow up email to check on delivery and received a reply Dec 12 advising me my order had been stuck in customs for no reason but “ they got it through” whatever that means. Now they give me a tracking number with no reference to who the shipper is saying to expect delivery now within 10 business days. I am beginning to question whether this is a legitimate business or just some internet scam. I saw the original advertisement on Facebook and now in process of contacting Facebook to advise them of the poor performance of this company

      1. This site is a big scam wouldn’t recommend anyone ordering the exact same thing happened to me, order hasn’t left ‘china been 2 months

  4. Caution.. their shoes are not sized correctly. To get a refund, you must return to CHINA and it costs a large percentage of the show price.

  5. Do not buy shoes . Wrong size , poor quality . Took over a month to be delivered. Ordered when saw an advert on Facebook .
    Shoes cost £50 , I would say they should be less than £10

  6. Poor customer support. I was sent a pair of shoes that were marked 48 (US14) that were only a US10. I have contacted customer support several times with no response. Very Sketchy business practices. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!

  7. I was about to place an order and got cold feet. Something told me to stop. Thank God for these reviews that I quickly turned to to see if my hunch was correct

  8. ordered and paid on 17th of December last i heard from them was thanks for the order…. never trust them… maybe someday shoes will appear, no confirmation number no way to track order… so done with these ad’s that pop up on Facebook..

  9. Thank you all for sharing these reviews. My dad saw the advertisement on Facebook, and I was about to buy them for him. I’m just going to go to an actual store and see if I can find some that are similar. Thank you!

  10. Bought 2 pair of shoe with Madixa. Size 12 and 13. The shoes were very comfortable for me and my son. The shipping took 9 days to be delivered. Going to purchase more!

  11. I ordered a Mostelo with laces on December 25th. I received the shoe on January 5th. Surprisingly the shoe is as comfortable as advertised. I’ve been using it daily for my work and it’s comparable to a memory foam soles.

  12. Beware that to refund or exchange these shoes you have to send them to China, which means that it cost more then what the shoes are worth.
    Not only that the shoes have a strong chemical smell, that even if they fit you can’t wear then because they smell so bad.

  13. I have Ordered my shoes size 10 December 30 -2019 , still no record of shipment only a note will be delivered between Jan 13-21 2020 no record of shipment yet
    I pray ….

    And I have e-mailed there company asking for shipment dates ….

  14. I placed an order for 2 pair of shoes on Jan 08 and they debit my card the same day. I have not received the shoes or heard a word from them and don’t know how to contact them.

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