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Madixa Shoes Reviews – Every Path Of Life Will Make Trouble-Free

Madixa Shoes Reviews

{Madixa Shoes} Product Rating


Sole material -MCP (provide comfort & stability)


Extra grip- durable & flexible rubber outsole & slip resistant sole


Versatile design- brawny finishing design and strong stitching


Outer material- original leather



  • Formal Shoes
  • Orthopedic Men Leather Shoes
  • Medifoot Orthopedic
  • Strive Orthopedic Women Sandals

Madixa Shoes Reviews is enough solution to maintain a firm grip in the heel to reduce muscle swelling, ankle pain back pain, and design to protect with a diabetic foot.

Madixa Shoes has various options to present various kinds of shoes for a different size. This is not offered only sports shoes & workout shoes but also made medicated shoes to improve heel & muscle pain. These brand shoes is established for all the people who want various kinds of shoes in a different field. 

Madixa Shoes opens your path to go anywhere no matter you are able to walk or not because these manufacturing shoes create enthusiasm in you. Hence you may cross rocky & hard passage as well you may reach the pick of a mountain wearing these Madixa shoes. Basically, these shoes made for all people to recover the muscle pain if they have chronic pain and support to walk for many hours without a little bit of pain.

How Do Madixa Shoes Work To Protect Your Feet? 

Madixa Shoes is a highly demanding brand that helps to find your destination in all conditions because these are made by good quality material with a comfortable insole. all the standard of shoes are crafted from mesh, synthetic and rubber sole that will helps you in high moment activities. 

  • Formal Shoes: formal shoes are made by finest quality like crafted from leather, suede leather PU. The formal shoes are suitable for an official meeting with a formal shirt and trousers also.
  • Orthopedic Men Leather Shoes: This shoe made in classically styled with real leather for men. It is finished to reduce heel pain & support re-balances bones in the feet. These leather shoes work to offer extreme comfort & flexibility and help to remove muscle weakness.
  • Medifoot Orthopedic: Medifoot Orthopedic sleeper is made by the good quality of microcellular polymer with comfort cushioning. Reducing the pain & chronic disorders like it reduce the diabetic level, ankle pain and callous also. It provides you relaxing effects during walking & standing.
  • Strive Orthopedic Women Sandals: this sandal is carefully manufactured for those women have arch collapse by the natural leather sock. It is a demanding and prestigious item among women because it can remove heel pain, knee pain and improve poor posture also.

What Are Madixa Shoe Benefits To Attract All Age Groups? 

  • Madixa Cozy Shoes are made for comfort zone for men, women, kids and the oldest also.
  • It is a true choice for the right shoes that feel you very comfortable to wear casual, sport, formal and workout shoes as well.
  • You will luxurious wear these medicated shoes because these shoes work in multiple conditions in a harsh situation together relaxing your sole while you are running, walking and standing as well.
  • Ideally work to remove chronic pain like back pain, heel swelling and muscles related pain as well.
  • These shoes made by high-quality microcellular polymer and cozy sole which offer more comfort and extra rubbing effects from heel to muscles. 
  • These are durable, soft, smooth feel and improve walking patterns.
  • Madixa Feet Cares are easy to clean the dirt from wash and perfect for daily wear for outdoor and indoor wear.

Who Can Use Madixa Shoes?

The Madixa Feet Care Shoes made for everyone because today people have knee, heel & muscle pain problems and these shoes support provide traction. As well as it helps to reduce ankle pain, improve poor posture along with reduce the risk of slips, back pain and falls on water or any slop. 

Someone Suffers Knee, Ankle & Muscles ache: 

Madixa Footwear is made by light weighted insole to offer comfort & relaxing effect in your heel & muscles. It genuinely supports grip on the sole while you are walking, standing and running to feel friction and it will reduce muscle soreness, joint problems, and ankle ache also. 

A Caring Supporter of Diabetic Patients: 

These Madixa Footwear are generally made for all age group person but diabetic patients can wear this comfortable sleeper in daily wear. These flexible shoes 100% reducing sugar levels because these are made by MCP, a dual-density collar that will reduce swelling and helps to prevent high diabetes. 

Why Madixa Shoes is popular?

Madixa Feet Care is so numerously popular items among people and it is demanding among sportspersons, gym trainer and orthopedic patients also. These shoes always suggested by doctors to their patients so that they can walk and run properly in daily routine. These Medicare shoes are highly admired for reducing chronic conditions, back pain and relieve swell heel during the walk. 

These are all set in open-toe, slippers for daily wear and cozy insole shoes for workout also. Original leather used in these shoes and available in various colors and sizes also, therefore, Madixa is popular due to uncounted advantages.


  1. Sole material -MCP (provide comfort & stability).
  2. Extra grip- durable & flexible rubber outsole & slip resistant sole.
  3. Versatile design- brawny finishing design and strong stitching.
  4. Outer material- original leather. 

What Users Say After Using Madixa Shoes?

George: I love to wear Madixa Shoes and comfortably go through on morning walk & workout also. These shoes are carefully wrapped in original leather; comfy sole as well as it improves my poor posture. I felt some muscle pain during standing after wearing these shoes it gave me natural shape and prevent from arch collapse.  

Jack: before 1 month my health expert recommends Madixa Shoes Reviews because I am a diabetic patient. it is made with by breathable natural sock and smooth feel to my feet without being sloppy which helps to discards sugar level and ankle pain also. I am recommending this shoe for all age groups so friends go hurry and buy soon at a very affordable price from the giving site.

What Is The Real Cost Of These Shoes?

Madixa Cozy Shoes are available in a unique design for all age groups and all sizes as well. All the shoes are come at different prices as per the size requirement and available with a 50% discount at our site.

Where Should I Buy The Original Item?

Here we are available for you with exclusive & unique design shoes for all of you. You can track our website to buy these Medicated Shoes at affordable prices. Now click here to buy the original item that you place and get in offer.

Track Your Order: 

We ideally work to give complete satisfaction to our customers; therefore, we organize order tracking option for customers. They can track their order with an order number for confirmation and they ensure for their payment via online or offline.  

Return Policy Service: 

We are pleased to give you the best service for all the time and therefore we confidentially ensure you return your placed order if you are not satisfied. We will return your money within 30 days and this process would be online to return your money back. 


Madixa Shoes Reviews are recommended by the doctor for everyone especially for those have ankle, knee and muscle ache these shoes are prepared to stay your feet cozy, comfy and relaxing for long-lasting. We talk about manufacturing these shoes made with original leather, elegant color, and cozy insole that offer relaxing effects in the pain area.  

These pair of orthopedic shoes is suggested for sports person, gym trainer and diabetic patient because it allows the pleasant feel during walking & standing.


  1. This company is a joke. They don’t tell you that the company is in China. To return the shoes you must pay $50.00 to send the shoes to China at your expense. Nowhere on their website do they say you need to send the shoes to China. I guess that deceptive practice will prevent shoes being returned. I have gotten no reliable response from the company. Be forewarned- do not buy Madixa shoes.

      1. Maxida is a scam. No shoes ever arrived. Lied repeatedly that order was delayed in customs. Lied that if it didnt arrive would issue refund. Now just doesnt answer emails. Have asked to speak to manager…..obviously being a SCAM, THERE IS NOT MANAGEMENT OR REAL COMPANY

    1. Mark at least you got shoes, they took my money right after my order and haven’t heard hide nor hair since. And that was back in Jan.

    2. SCAM and deceptive practices. I never received the shoes…same explanation – stuck in customs. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS FRAUDULENT COMPANY.

  2. Fred cowan 26 killyreagh rd tamlaght enniskillen co fermanagh bt744ha ordered shoes over fortnight still not delivered

  3. Don’t buy these shoes. They are junk. I ordered a pair and the right shoe sits so crooked on my foot that it’s unusable. I emailed Madixa and their solution is for me to ship back to them and they will issue a refund. This is a scam as you need to return it to China and the shipping is more than what the shoe cost. Don’t buy as the quality is horrible and they don’t stand by their product. These are at best, 10 dollar shoes. You can get better quality at Walmart.

  4. Don’t buy. They are based in China. The shoes are a joke. The right side shoe is so crooked as to make it unusable. Their solution is for me to send them the shoes back and they will issue refund. This is a scam. Because they are in China, it costs more to return than what the shoes cost. These are 10 dollar shoes at best.

  5. It has been 4 weeks since I ordered shoes from Madixa. No shoes have arrived. The order status keep changing. There is no phone number for customer support. It took 3 days for them to respond to my email inquiry. The response was they were forwarding to the proper department. This is a scam. Be forwarned.

  6. SCAM! Don’t buy! Poor service, shipping and sizing. I made the mistake of trusting their add on Facebook, pretty sure I’ll never see my money back! The shoe when I finally got them after a month an a half wait were in a BAG! Not a shoe box, crushed up in a back and then they are a size too small. Its so hard for me to find comfortable shoes and now there are these China companies pedaling shoes online

  7. Bunch of scammers. Sizes incorrect, shoes are very poor quality. Long wait for arrival. Tracking system that means nothing. I have thrown mine in the rubbish bin.

  8. Received my shoes from Madixa. Took 12 days to received my order. All is good with the shoe and the shipping timeframe. I guess some of the bad reviews are just isolated.

    1. No Betty not isolated, it’s across the country, you got lucky but like they say try to find somebody, anybody in that company to talk to this right here is all you can do, and like their saying if you do have a problem you have to send it @ your cost all the way back to China, Facebook this is a scam HELP !!!!

  9. Shoes are very comfortable but their sizing chart is way off. I wear 9.5 and ordered accordingly. It can too large after 25 days of order. Customer service says they can replace it but first I have to send shoes to China with tracking number and then they send back the new pair. Does not sound right.
    Think 10 times before you order.

  10. This is definitely a scam. 2 months being told the order was held up in customs. Then it is in the us but the tracking has to catch up, then it has been escalated to the service team. Keep asking just to cancel the order and give me my money back since they dont know where the order is, but they wont give me my money back

  11. Ordered a pair of shoe from Madixa. Received the shoe 9 days after placing the order. It was delivered to me by USPS. The shoe was comfortable for daily wear and activities. Planning to purchase another pair for my son!

  12. Mostelo™ With Laces – Transition Boots With Supportive Soles Brown / 13
    My shoes eventually arrived….
    They are far too small….
    Well made but no good to me……
    I have waited weeks for them…..
    Very disappointed indeed.

  13. JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOES HAVE BEEN ON ORDER FOR A MONTH. THEY WILL NOT REPLY

  14. I ordered and paid through PayPal January 3rd after one month asked for update they said it was stuck in customs but they got it released. Three weeks later still looking for shoes. Contacted PayPal to file a claim and finally had money refunded after waiting 2 months for shoe. Look elsewhere.

  15. DON’T BUY! This outfit is a scam. Their shoes come from China, a fact they purposely conceal. There is no US outlet. Shoes are cheap quality. You can only communicate via email. If you need to return an item, they expect you to pay for return shipping, at a cost greater than cost of shoes.

  16. I wish I had seen these reviews before I ordered. I placed an order March 3 and was given a delivery date of no later than March 15, Nothing. Sent email and was told shipment was delayed a week. A week later no shoes. I asked for a tracking number and was given a number that went to a Chinese Language site. A week later I asked for a refund and was asked to wait 10 days and they would send a new shipment. Now I am being ignored and not getting response. It is now April 7 and no shoes, no response and no tracking info. Don’t order from this company.

  17. Took 6 weeks to arrive. They said they were stuck in customs/ That was the first clue they were from outside of the US. finally arrived and the one shoe is so crooked they are not wearable. Can’t afford to send them back to china!

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