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LittlePassports com Reviews 2019 – Is It a Scam or Legit?

LittlePassports com Reviews 2019 - Is It a Scam or Legit

LittlePassports com Reviews 2019 – Is It a Scam or Legit? This article is for all Those parents who wish their child learn well but exactly doesn’t know what to do about that.


Children are the future of any nation. They have unexplored potential in them. Being fresh brains, they are subjected to absorb a great deal in and around their worlds.

Now, it’s the onus of their well wishers, i.e. parents and teachers to provide them an environment of free learning and exploration. An artificial world, where they can literally gain hands on experience on all learn able topics.

At school, kids acquire knowledge through preset curriculums. But, what if your child is weak in concentration? Or What if he is eager to learn beyond syllabus?

We parents fumble here. Mostly, we buy bunches of books for their reading but that’s not enough.

Here. I would like to introduce .

This is a wonderful website for anxious parents!

What is about?

LittlePassports com Reviews provides learning kits for age 3 years onward. The learning modules are designed under various broad topics ranging from environment, science till countries and so on. The modules are subdivided and leveled according to separate age groups.

Each module contains real life examples and practical kits for a child to explore and learn. They are so well designed that a child can figure out things on his own and feels delighted on accomplishing small tasks.

Like, our monthly magazines, Littlepassports also go with subscription system. Once, parents subscribe to this website, they keep receiving study materials from the vendor, which are educative yet fun. thus, the child gets involved in learning through playing.

Why should parents choose Littlepassports?

Well, it’s a very common complaint from parents that, after school, a child has to be kept engaged otherwise, they resort to watching television or playing video games for long hours.

Now, excessive of both is harmful. These days, kids are wearing high powered spectacles from a very early age. That’s because outdoor as well as indoor activities are kept at bay, pertaining to watching T.V or playing games on mobile.

Most parents are working and even if some women are housewives, they don’t exactly know the answers to the curious questions that a toddler puts or to keep them engaged in a positive manner.

In such cases, where guardians desperately seek guidance for engaging their wards into meaningful and healthy activities, LittlePassports com Reviews come with much relief.

What does the website offer?


Firstly, the educational material is designed according to a child’s age. So, the groups that are there :

  • 3-5 years
  • 6-8 years
  • 9+ years

Secondly, there are several topic heads like,

  • Early Explorers
  • World Edition
  • Science Junior and so on….

Study material can be bought according to these too.

Subscription charges vary between normal and premium and also from monthly, quarterly and yearly.

Apart from the study kits sent duly time to time, there are several attractive toys and useful things for kids, which can be purchased for your own child or for gift purposes to others.

How do the work?

Once you are a member of the website after subscription, intelligently crafted kits and study material is send to your child every month. A kit normally consists of a backpack, activity booklets and materials for exploration or making projects to get a real life feel of the topic. The materials are all child safe and arouse one’s curiosity being skillfully designed.

How to use the material?

Using the kits isn’t difficult at all. Parents don’t need to hover over their child while they are doing their activities as the kits are totally safe. A child is able to understand and comprehend what they are supposed to do with the kit. You will be amazed and proud to see your child acting with responsibility and doing things on his own.

How is LittlePassports better?

Now, you might think why to subscribe to this website when we have plenty of books and educative toys available in the market?

The answer is do we have the time? No, devising interesting activities, Making them look colourful using child friendly materials and also giving a personalized touch to every topic being introduced isn’t a cakewalk. It needs extensive research and introspection for the same. Here, team LittlePassports takes care of all of it.

Moreover, buying educative kits under different brands available in the market is an unwise decision. You will spend fortunes but would have to compromise on the completeness of the product in all aspects.

Parents say,

After surveying more than 500 parents, what I got to know is has already got the word of the mouth popularity. Let’s read out few exhilarating experiences,

Marsha says, “ The box is a genie. Variety of materials come out from there. This product encourages child parent interaction and bonding. Truly delighted to watch my daughter maneuvering things on her own and being excited on finishing. My child waits eagerly for these kits to arrive.”

Ganesh says, “Excellent learning kits for kids. I, myself get excited seeing my 5 year old exploring and explaining his learnings out to me. My son is off cartoons since a month. All thanks to”

Paritosh says, “ My kids love to play with the modules and eagerly wait for the next one to arrive. I had taken monthly subscription initially, but now I have subscribed to a full year. I am free reading my newspaper after office, while my kids are engaged with the kits. God bless”

Medley says, “ I am a working mother. Though I work from home, yet it becomes difficult for me to give time to my kids after school. Before, they used to keep watching cartoon shows back to back. After, subscribing to, I am relieved. They spend hours on doing up the little projects that come with the kit and are also, showing better interest in regular studies. I recommend LittlePassports to all worried moms.”

How much does it cost?

For details about the subscription rates and discount offers, please visit . Early birds might end up getting great deals!

My recommendation

As mom, myself, I would recommend this website to all parents. Irrespective of the fact, whether your child is brilliant or dull at school, LittlePassports kits are a must for enhanced learning. It caters to the multiple intelligence theory by Dr. Howard Gardner, which says no child is brainless, only each child has his own unique way of learning.

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