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Linen Comfy Reviews 2020 – Is LinenComfy a Scam or Legit?

Linen Comfy Reviews 2020

Linen Comfy Reviews 2020 – Is LinenComfy a Scam or Legit? >> This read is for customers who are trying to assess the legitimacy of

Very rarely you will find a female, who isn’t fond of clothes. Every day speaks of fashion for a lady, whether it’s a hot summer or a chilled winter.

Clothes define us and make us feel comfortable in our skin. We hardly need to speak a word about ourselves, if we are appropriately dressed according to our personality.

Oh, no, you needn’t cram your head on discovering your form, the way you exude naturally through your own choices and tastes. Nothing can influence or alter your interests if you aren’t welcoming yourself.

While speaking of apparel, ladies especially are a lot into internet shopping, which is quick, secure and hassle-free.

However, one should be careful about scams or fake websites.

What is

Linen Comfy Reviews 2020 ‘About Us’ section of this website speaks nothing ‘bout what the latter displays. Once you are directed to the ‘Home Page’, you can observe a lot of women’s clothing and accessories, but the ‘About Us’ column talks about the kitchen , home accessories, outdoors, etc. 

None of the later is anywhere mentioned in the website. Products related to the same are also missing. This implies either the website is still under construction or else there is some discrepancy between its claims and delivery.

Of course, glaring discounts on trendy outfits are highlighted to lure you, but before you decide to buy, there areas, in, which need to be examined.

Firstly, the website seems to be only motivated to sell the items. There’s no proper effort on establishing credibility on the customer’s side. No known brands are seen. The clothes or accessories are not properly described.

The construction of the Linen Comfy Reviews 2020 doesn’t look concrete. Crucial data like the physical address of their location, whereabouts of the founders, vision or mission behind this business are all unseen.

Who’s this for?

As per the products displayed on the site, it seems to be an exclusive women-centric portal that would cater to her fashion needs at any time of the day.

Ladies, who are into rampant shopping of garments every now and then and don’t want to lead a mundane, boring life in terms of wearables are sure to indulge in shopping here.

But, mind it! It’s easy to fall prey to such ostentatious online shopping sites. Their aim is only to attract bulk purchase and they simply swoon out, once they have garnered enough finance. Review

Well, due to the absence of a concrete address and phone number, loses trust here. The existence of the site can, however, be confirmed by reporting to the Bureau for Better Business(BBB). 

BBB forces any company to respond after only two registered complaints. If the firm fails to report, it would face dire consequences like heavy fine, inspection as well as complete eradication.

I have personally gone through a few customer comments on, which clearly shows their dissatisfaction. Few claim the products to be under graded quality-wise and doesn’t conform to the display images.

 Certain patterns and designs are missing to the extent that a woolen shirt is delivered in a cotton fabric, which is appalling.

Is Legit?

The above-mentioned factors don’t really establish as a credible website. However, the better part is, when people are already into purchasing items from there, then the business heads should take full advantage of the situation and deliver the best possible products according to the projections they are making.

If they continue disappointing buyers then, they are losing out anyway. would perish anyway.

Another feature, which the website has very steadily upheld is the 24 hours assistance on after-sales. Customers are frustrated already because they have loads of complaints and there is no one to hear them. The e-mails remain unanswered and there’s no other way of contacting for grievance.

My Recommendation

Being a conscious online shopper, I always take cues from my social circle regarding the best shopping sites and the prices they offer. Also, if possible, I physically see the products that my friends have already bought online and weighed their overall experience.

This trait is by large vital for any online shopper. Since we don’t have the privilege of visiting the shop premises itself and verifying the product through touch and feel, alternative references and advice are a must in case of virtual shopping.

Secondly, I never use any website that no one is aware of or a website that doesn’t mention phone number or customer support number. 

Only, when I am able to speak to an individual on the other side and me happy with his conduct, I part with my money.


This read is for customers who are trying to assess the legitimacy of


  1. good site. people should beware of sites that are advertising items and cancel purchases when they see they are coming from china. most of those sites are extremely dishonest. And file a refund claim with your bank if they do not honor returns or refunds.

    1. What a crap company!! It Took over a month to get my order from China they sent me the wrong leggings and two T-shirts when I had really ordered a pink sweater a black sweater and a thick pair of jaggings. They are trying to convince me to keep the items because they are oh so very popular and they want to give me some sort of gift card. What the HELL????

  2. I purchase something at the end of January and have yet to receive it. Anytime I send them an email they sent me the same response back saying that they will push the order at their warehouse. I am not receiving any concrete information in response to my requests. I have asked for a refund and they have not provided me with that. I will most likely be taking further action.

  3. re: linencomfy…I cannot email this company even tho it says the email address. there is no phone number. I ordered 2 months ago & still don’t have my order. they had no problem taking my money. not happy.

  4. I made the mistake of ordering items from this company last January 8th. I spent a little over 50.00 plus shipping. I never received my items to this day. It is now March 21st. I sent emails out after discovering they happily took my money and only gave me a confirmation number, but nothing on when my items would ship, etc. Weeks went by, and finally they responded with offering me a discount on more clothing! I told them I’ve never received the items I’ve already bought. Then they said some items were taking longer to restock or ship out than usual. So I ask them to cancel my order. Never heard back, never received a refund, never got a package. This company has or had a Facebook page I later discovered. There were tons of unhappy customers like myself. So I complained to Facebook because their stupid ads would pop up, and it really angered me that they continue to advertise their fraudulent business. They are thieves, and I hope are out of business. However today I find another company I believe is them under a new name! Beyond king. The same website, same clothes, same sales and back on Facebook advertising.

    1. They did the same thing to me. I ordered January 8th. Now I’ve come across a new website called beyondking. I believe it is them under a new name! Same clothing, same style website, same sales tactics. Ill never fall victim to this type of garbage again and I’m furious they have managed to keep advertising.

  5. These reviews make me sad because I love the look of the clothes they offer. But, I’m definitely happy I read the reviews prior to ordering. That being said, anyone know a reputable company that sells the same style clothing?

  6. This is 100% a scam site! It’s stealing images from a legit sewist who owns a Shop called “Sew Much Love” (Beware – they have also copied THAT site, with Sew-Much-Love). Total scammers and thieves!! If it’s clothes like this, on sale for massive, unreasonable discounts, you’re not buying from a legit shop. You’ll get a crappy, cheaply-printed knock off of the original, IF you get anything at all.

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