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Jive Mini Pods Wireless EarPods Reviews 2019-20 – Voted “Best Sound Quality 2019-20”

Jive Mini Pods Wireless EarPods Reviews 2019-20 – Voted “Best Sound Quality 2019-20”. No Need To Use Your Phone – Control Music And Answer Calls With One Tap.

Life nowadays seems very boring without earphones. From public places to staying at home, earphones have become the necessity of life. But we come across various earphones that not only stop working anytime soon but also hurt to the ears. Every time we see the different companies releasing various designs and types of earphones which have taken the trend these days the most sold ones are the ear pods.

The wireless earphones, or as they are called the ear pods are highly in demand because of their wireless nature. Along with being comfortable to the ears, they work on Bluetooth which gets connected to your device like a smartphone, or a laptop.

Jive mini pods headphones are in trend in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Jive-Mini-Pods Wireless EarPods Reviews 2019-20 - Voted “Best Sound Quality 2019-20”

What are Jive Mini Pods?

As mentioned above, ear pods are wireless earphones. Jive has come up with mini pods that along with giving an amazing sound quality provide comfort to the ears. The Jive Mini Pods are convenient to carry and easy to charge. The Jive mini pods allow you to answer calls, pause or play the music/video, and also last up to 30 hours once completely charged.

Who does not want budget-friendly ear pods that last for a long time? The Jive mini pods are priced at pocket-friendly rates and work smoothly in the long run.

Benefits of buying Jive Mini Pods

  • Jive Mini Pods get connected to any Bluetooth device instantly. There is no hassle in connecting a mobile phone or a laptop with the ear pods.
  • These mini pods have an amazingly clear sound. The sound has a soothing effect on ears and works very easily.
  • You can charge Jive mini pods for 2 hours in just 15 minutes.
  • It has an extra battery pack which lets the ear pods for 30 hours.
  • The ear pods are designed with noise reduction technology.
  • Jive mini ear pods are completely waterproof. Now there is no need to worry even during rains. You can use your ear pods freely.


Jive Mini Pods specifications

  • The mini pods are made with waterproof technology. The Jive mini pods have a LED inbuilt in them.
  • The ear pods let you power ON/OFF them, and you can answer or cut calls, pause/play the music or the video, and also skip.
  • The ear pods are compatible with all types of devices from androids to iOS, and even laptops. The ear pods are made of super high quality and have a powerful battery.
  • It catches the Bluetooth connection at a distance of 33 feet from you.
  • The ear pods support the advanced Bluetooth versions which mean the ear pods are up to date.
  • It supports A2DP1.3/HFP1.6/HSP1.2/AVRCP1.6/D11 Bluetooth mode.

Jive_Mini_Pods Wireless EarPods Reviews 2019-20 - Voted “Best Sound Quality 2019-20”

How to use Jive Mini Pods?

The pairing of Jive mini pods is very easy. Long-press the power buttons on both the ear pods till the lights turn to blue and red colors. Press the button two times on any one of the ear pods to confirm the connection mode.

Then turn on the Bluetooth of your device and connect the ear pods. Hurray! You are done with just these simple steps.

Why are Jive ear pods in high demand?

Other ear pods besides costing very high end up getting damaged in a very less period. But this is not the case with Jive mini pods. They are designed for the long run and that too with waterproof technology.

The Jive Mini Pods are made with premium quality material and they do not hurt the ears, which is why they are mostly preferred by the buyers. The Jive mini pods are made using advanced technology and are available at a cheap price as compared to other ear pods.

Buyers’ Reviews on Jive Mini Pods Below:

  1. Ansh- I have had the best ear pods to date. I bet you the Jive ear pods are the best that anyone can have. Jive ear pods have got the best sound quality so far.
  2. V. Markle- I am a music freak. I have used the Jive ear pods all day and they don’t run out of the battery. I have my ears safe as they did not bite or hurt me and also gave a pleasant sound.
  3. John C- I love the noise cancellation feature of the ear pods. I have used the ear pods on my laptop and it is so easy to connect. There is no trouble at all in connecting the ear pods with the Bluetooth device.
  4. Michael Kelvin- As the company claims, the ear pods are waterproof which is why I feel stress-free to use them even in rains.
  5. Natalie- The ear pods are travel-friendly and comfortable as well. Even if you use them while sleeping, they don’t irritate you and stay in place. This is my best purchase so far. So happy to but the Jive mini pods.

Where can you buy the Jive Mini Pods?

The ear pods are available at the Jive Mini Pods website at huge discounts. Our readers have a chance to get their hands on the ear pods at the cheapest price ever with our availed discounts.

Visit Jive Mini Pods to buy the mini ear pods at the minimum price ever. The premium quality mini pods are available on the website only and that too is on offer.

Jive Mini Pods Wireless EarPods Reviews 2019-20 - Voted “Best Sound Quality 2019-20”


The Jive Mini Pods are highly suggested by many buyers. They are waterproof which implied that you can also use them while working out or while being at the gym. The ear pods have a very clear sound and thus they are one of the quickly selling ear pods. You surely will have an amazing experience in using these ear pods with all your comfort and will also save your money. Make sure you take the advantage of the huge discounts.

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  1. I’m going to order these, but I wanted you to know that your description is a grammatical train wreck. Especially the part with “ Other ear pods besides costing very high end up getting damaged in a very less period. But this is not the case with Jive mini pods. They are designed for the long run and that too with waterproof technology.”

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