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Ezcater Reviews (February 2020) – Is It a Scam or legit?

Ezcater Reviews (February 2020) – Is It a Scam or legit

Ezcater Reviews (February 2020) – Is It a Scam or legit? -> Read this article to know everything about it and get your all questions answered.

Hunger pangs and occasional cravings bother us all. Whether you are in your workspace or home, getting a grab becomes a lot easier with online food ordering. Here’s why you should order food from a website rather than going out by yourself or calling over phone,

  • Apart from saving time and avoiding disturbing sales staff, an app or website streamlines the entire process of buying food.
  • Here, you get to browse the menu peacefully and avail the deals of the day.
  • On the restaurant’s phase, a healthy customer-business relation is set up.
  • Most websites are handled by CRM software which sort of personalizes the experience for a visitor.
  • With the incorporation of the cash flow management, it becomes lucid for any restaurant to understand it’s profitability. Transactions in terms of sales and costs incurred are recorded in real time, so at any point in the day, it’s simple to gauge the debit and credit.
  • Having a strong online presence increases the marketability of a food business manifolds. It’s cheap and contributes to gathering in lost customers too.

Now, how can one assess the sound online sustenance of any site say,


Ezcater Reviews ‘About Us’ section of speaks of it’s presence since 2007 in corporate catering. Basically, it’s network through restaurants and food joints have proliferated over time and presently, the website claims to cater to small as well as large gatherings(as big as 20,000) in office spaces.

So, if you are an owner of any organization and need to order food urgently for a handful of people then is right there waiting for you. But, then there are several other online food businesses who do the same.

Why should one order from

Ezcater website review

Ezcater Reviews It is a 5-star customer recommended website, which is utterly helpful by being prompt in delivery and order processing. Their entire business is in the U.S and has excellent business partnerships within the country.

There are other online portals too, from where food can be ordered but many of them turn out unreliable with loss of money being the prime issue.

Is scam or legit?

With too, food has gone missing but they are sensitive towards the buyers and take up the added responsibility to inform the latter about any mishap.

Sometimes, the restaurant would be closed or any specific item will be unavailable, the customer service team soon comes to your aid and is active. It makes sure that they understand the issue completely and then resolute the best possible solution in minutes. would offer realizable discounts and are absolutely transparent about the profit they make on each order.

The menu comprises of tasteful selections. The food portions are more than expected and the pricing is well within budget. Small delicate instructions by customers are duly followed by this site for attaining that extra smile from the buyer.

If you are a regular client at, then probably you would end up accumulating Amazon gift vouchers on every disbursal of money.

People’s Say in reviews

After going through several customer opinions, it seems is not completely fake. People are quite happy with the services including food ranges and pricing.

Some are using the website since years and don’t desire to shift faith. However, it’s advisable to try it out yourself, initially with small order.

Also, reading through experiences quoted on the internet isn’t enough. Try to spread the word and get in touch with your own social circle, which you are acquainted with personally and can rely upon.

Try to gather as much information as you can about it’s services and other related activities. Then, of course share with all of us.

My Recommendation

Food ordering through dedicated websites of particular eateries is the trend these days. It’s fast and gets you the best deals and waivers in price. Even online delivery agents like are too popular and have tough competition in the market.

These portals showcase a whole repertoire of eating options at their own exclusive clubbed offers and discounted rates. Their men deliver your order at the doorstep saving you time and effort, but the difference lies in the quality of the service.

Certain factors like the delivery time, packaging, handling of food items and behavioral etiquettes of the delivery boys and company professionals (Customer service department) puts an edge to individual functionalities.

If you are parting with your bucks, then try not ignore minute nuances, which might lead to larger problems in future.

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