Clear Rear Reviews – Is It Legit or Not?

Clear Rear Reviews

Clear Rear Reviews – Is It Legit or Not? >> Are you having several questions around it? Read our post to know more about this product!

The first thing from which any person starts its day is from the toilet. Brushing teeth and going to the restroom for freshening up is one of the standard practices that we all normal people do. But what if you came to know that while doing potty, your bum is not clean as it should be? For overcoming this problem, we would like to introduce clear rear.

After reading several Clear Rear Reviews, we have written this conclusive post to answer all possible questions around it.

What is clear rear?

Clear rear is now the new technique of cleansing the bum during the toilet. It is one of the hygienic ways of cleaning. Now forgot cleaning you bum with the old method of using toilet paper, which may cause rashes. It may be an unhygienic way of cleaning, which may cause diseases or may keep you dirty.

Now you should avoid using toilet paper and because you are not only flushing the toilet paper after potty but also flushing thousands of dollars. Wasting your hard-earned money just on toilet paper isn’t the right idea. Instead of that, you should use the new technique and a new way of cleaning your tush.

It is ultimately a new way and a technique used in the toilet after doing potty. It is easy to install; you can install this kit within 15 minutes. Clear rear now become very famously used in United State.Instead of using toilet paper, you must clean your bum with water. It use water pressure to clean the area, which is applying to it.

It consists of two knobs installed at the side of the bathroom commot seat. It is effortless to install. You have to fix the sprinkle jet r nozzle on the commot with two regulator knob at the side. It required no electricity or battery it use water pressure of the pipeline to sprinkle water in any direction. The direction you want to sprinkle can be controlled by using a knob setting.

You can also read Clear Rear Reviews for more information and feedback provided by the customers. And most of it are very happy with the product because it is entirely eco-friendly and hygienic. Using a toilet may cause rashes, or it may be an unclean way of cleaning. But with clear rear, you need not worry about hygienic cleaning of tush.

The company claims 100% satisfaction guaranteed if you don’t like the product, you can return it within 30 days from the date of purchasing. So stop wasting money on toilet paper and buy now this newly made clear rear, and you can save up to 20% on purchasing the clear rear. The discount will increase per piece.

From clear rear website, you can also buy three toilet bowl light, which is very useful during the night when the light is off. When you enter the bathroom, the sensor will detect the motion and turn the light on so that you can view the restroom. It is a useful product, and it has several benefits like portable size, energy-efficient, and water-resistant.

Features and benefits of Clear rear (Pros and cons)

There are several benefits if you install clear rear because this technique is hit in the United States people are adopting this way of cleaning a bum. Like all this product are also having some pros and cons, which are:


  • New designed technique to cleanse for your tush. No need to waste your money on toilet paper.
  • Toilet paper may cause rashes, and it not clean your bum entirely and hygienically. But clear rear cleanses your bum with fully hygienic water pressure.
  • Easy to install, no need to call an expert or technician
  • Company is offering up to 20% discount; the discount depends upon per piece you order.
  • Eco-friendly and 100% hygienic, now no need to keep your back dirty.
  • Rotate the nozzle according to the requirement with the help of a regulator knob.
  • If you buy two pieces of the product, you can save 5%, and on three product, you can save up to 10 %. You can use Clear Rear Coupon Code for offers.
  • The company is giving free shipping offers if you buy the commodity above $50, although free shipping is also available on the clear rear.


  • Use of the knob may be unfamiliar to a few people.
  • Product is a bit pricy, although the company is giving some relaxation on purchasing the product on per piece.

Return and Exchange Policy

  • Like every product clear view also have a return and exchange policy which are:
  • The company will not accept the item if it is found any damage or tampered on the product.
  • The return or exchange will only be accepted if the fault is from the company side.
  • There will be no responsibility for the company if you put the wrong address. In case of an incorrect address, the company will charge the shipping cost on the next delivery of the item.
  • If you received any faulty items or if the product is damaged, then, in that case, you can inform over the customer care about the reception of the defective product. Then only the item will be processed for a refund or the exchange if the customers want.
  • All the shipping costs will be paid by the company if the fault is from the company’s side.
  • If any product is unused or unpacked, the customer can return the product within 30 days from the time of purchasing. But you have to inform n customer care; then the reclaim will be processed for a refund.

Final Verdict

This article is about clear rear reviews provided by the customers. All the information available in this article based upon research over the internet. The information and feedback provided by the consumers and according to the experience after using the product. This article, in no means, tries to endorse the product or tries to defame the product. Buying and selling of the product is entirely is totally up to you.


This article includes the features, the pros, and cons of the product and about what is clear rear. Buying this product is up to you, the consumers.


  1. I receivedthe ClearRear and only got the installation guide.
    The installation guide refers to a manual for the operation
    of the product. There was no manual included in the
    package that I received. I have checked the website and there
    is no mention of a manual for the product. Could (if there is a manual)
    I get the manual somehow?

  2. Ask company for the order to be refunded after 2 week wait for shipment details.then they rushed order out with their return policy they do not lose money you do. Bad business to deal with

  3. 3 weeks and still no product delivered, no tracking # or shipping info. No response, phony phone number. DONT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!

  4. I do not like to walk around with a wet asshole or wet balls keep working on it, and I like warm water , i still would need a towel!!!!!!!.

  5. Ordered two units on March 11th. Because of the virus, I was unable to schedule a plumber until two days ago. One unit worked great, the second did not work. Called and was told “too bad” I am out of the 30 day warranty period. Offered NO HELP at all.

  6. These assholes are intentionally accepting orders that they know they can’t ship out. It’s a scam! Check out their facebook visitor posts.

  7. i feel it’s a scam as well – it’s been a while now sense my order ( 4 weeks ago ) all the send me is an email showing its on its way for over two weeks . they have no problem with taking your money when they have no product

  8. Yes its a scam ! its been over 50 days and still no package. A few weeks ago they said they would send me another one .
    They sent me email saying its on its way. the new tracking number is the sam as the old one . They lied !
    Now no one answers the phone in customer support.

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