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Cleanoral Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Cleanoral Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner Reviews & Buyer’s Guide –> Know everything about CleanOral Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner here. It covers details on why is it different, where you can but it from, etc.

Be your dentist at your home with CleanOral Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner. With ultrasonic vibrations, you can remove all the stains from your teeth by yourself at home.

Suffering from plaque or teeth stain? You need the ultrasonic tooth cleaner to ease your life with a bright smile. With CleanOral, you can not only save your time by visiting the doctor all the time but also you can save the money by investing in it one single time. Without feeling any pain on your gums or teeth, remove the tartar from your teeth in no time.

Clean teeth lead to a healthy body. Eat whatever you want because clean teeth are no more far away. Eat, clean, sleep, and repeat. The tooth cleaner is trending in New Zealand, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, Canada, and the United States.

What is CleanOral Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner?

CleanOral has brought to you the most convenient device to get rid of plaque and tartar. It generates 12000 vibrations per minute to remove the tartar from your teeth. This tooth cleaner is rechargeable and works on modern vibrational technology. It effectively removes dental calculus and protects you from any of the gum diseases.

The frequency of the tooth cleaner can be adjusted accordingly with its 5-grade frequency level.
The CleanOral tooth cleaner is made with a soft material like food-grade silicone, and stainless steel head which won’t end up hurting your gums and mouth. The cleaner is water-proof and convenient to use and carry.

This tooth cleaner can be charged from time to time and there is no harm in keeping it in the bathroom. It is travel-friendly as well.

What makes CleanOral Tooth Cleaner different from other ultrasonic cleaners?

There are many ultrasonic tooth cleaners available in the market. But not all of them are made of soft material. Some of them have a sharp head that pokes the gums and makes them bleed. Whereas CleanOral ultrasonic tooth cleaner uses delicate material that takes care of your mouth by not hurting it. Many of the ultrasonic tooth cleaners stop working if affected by water. That is not the case with CleanOral because of its water-proof feature. It is designed in a way to tolerate some water on it and even the condensation in the bathroom.

Users have complained of ultrasonic vibrations slowing down after a period of use. CleanOral is a one-time investment in that matter as it is designed with tough technology which does not let the vibrations slow down.

Benefits of CleanOral tooth cleaner-

If the above-mentioned difference could not convince you then we have more appraisals for this one. There are certain advantages of buying a CleanOral Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner. Read here-


  • CleanOral tooth cleaner breaks down the tough tartar and plaque from your teeth.  
  • By cleaning your teeth from every inch and corner, it keeps your gums healthy. 
  • The latest vibration technology generates 12000 vibrations which lead to faster and deeper cleaning of your teeth without causing any pain.  
  • Like dental tools, it does not cause any damage to the enamel of your teeth and your gums.  
  • It can be charged through USB and supports fast charging. 
  • Once charged, it can be used up to 200 times. It is travel-friendly as no extra charging is required.  
  • The tooth cleaner has an energy-saving mode in it.  
  • The grip of the tooth cleaner is wide which lets you easily hold and use it.  
  • You can adjust the frequency of the tooth cleaner as per your choice. 
  • It lasts for a long time and is affordably priced.

Specifications of CleanOral Tooth Cleaner-

It comes with a USB charger which allows fast charging.
The device can generate 12000 vibrations per minute. It is made with IPX6 level water-proof technology, and stainless steelhead.

How to use CleanOral Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner?

Once charged remove the cap from the tooth cleaner and press the ON button while placing it on your teeth and you are good to go.

Reviews from the buyers-

1) Anny A- My brother has a problem with plaque. Visiting a dentist every time was such a tedious task. He ordered this tooth cleaner online and now he cleans his teeth all by himself at the home. It is so easy to use and has a long-lasting charging quality.

2) Michael- This is unbelievable! My time, money, and work are all safe as I can use this whenever I want to and that too without booking an appointment. It does not need charging a lot of times. Once is enough. This one does not hurt your gums or teeth and works so well. If any of you are looking to buy it then I surely suggest you buy this one without any second thought.

3) Lillie- It is of good quality and easy holding. It works perfectly fine without causing the gums to bleed. No more worries of tartar. I am super happy to have purchased this one and that too at the most affordable price ever.

4) M Williams- My son ordered this one online for me. I am amazed. I cannot believe this works so fine. When I opened it, I had a feeling that it might hurt my gums but it is so soft and delicate while using. Highly recommend this product to you all.

5) Kate Henry- Time and money-saver. This is my go-to product for teeth cleaning. Whenever the tartar sums up on my teeth, I thoroughly use it and clean my teeth in no time. It is so convenient to use and carry.

Where to buy the CleanOral tooth cleaner?

CleanOral ultrasonic tooth cleaner is available on the link mentioned here.
The website avails huge discounts for our readers with additional offers running on the website. Get your hands on the CleanOral Ultrasonic tooth cleaner and buy it at half its price.

Final Verdict-

All the positive statements from our readers have brought us to the conclusion that this is one of the most preferred tooth cleaning products. Its latest technology and price range has made its users love the tooth cleaner.

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