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Cathego Shoes Scam or Legit – Read Reviews [March 2020]

Cathego Shoes Scam or Legit - Read Reviews [March 2020]

Cathego Shoes Scam or Legit – Read Reviews [March 2020] -> Read the full post to know more about this online store. It will give you the pros and cons of shopping from this site.

Shoes see a lot of wear and tear. It hence makes us splurge a lot on them. Whether you buy them out of necessity or, so they can match with a new dress for an occasion. They are an essential part of our wardrobe.

New websites pop up daily to supply us with something new, something completely different, along with those heavenly never seen before discounts. One such new website that women from the United States, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom, etc. are smitten with is

If you are wondering Is Cathego Shoes Scam, then you must read this post to the very end. It will give you an insight into what they are selling as well as whether you should buy from them.

What is Cathego Shoes?

It is an online shoe retailer that specializes in comfortable soled shoes for women. The brand provides women with sandals in the following variants- flats, heels, and boots. What separates this brand from the others is its Memory insole. The memory insole will fit the curves of your toes and the arch; this will ensure a comfortable fit. It also gives your feet support.

You can easily connect with Cathego Sandals on Facebook. It has about eight thousand followers on the social media site and offers a lot of insight into the brand and the way it treats its customers.

However, it does not offer a wide selection, but the idea of owning a pair of heels that have a plus sole. It is appealing.

A product that you may like apart from the shoes is the non-slip adhesive tape for thigh-high boots. They never stay in place and always slip! This adhesive tape ensures the boots stay in place all night long.

Reading the post further will answer your question, “is cathego legit?”

Is Cathego Shoes Scam?

Let’s answer this most asked about question related to this site. In the process, let us also discuss the pros of purchasing from this website.

  1. To start with, the domain address of this site is old! That is good because most scam websites have a recently dated address, usually are less than six months old.
  2. SSL protects the website. Cyber bunkers claim to be a good sign as they protect its customers by keeping all the communication encrypted. Completely wiping out the middle man attacks!
  3. Cathego shoes go heavy with information regarding the products. There are details of what the products are made up of and how its sole could correct your toes.
  4. There is a return address provided for the customers in case of returns.
  5. A phone number and an email id is provided so you can reach out to them in case of any queries or inquiries.
  6. The most significant plus point of purchasing the shoes is that they come with memory insole. Apart from providing comfort also help ease bunion pain.

Cons of purchasing from Cathego shoes

  1. provides a limited variety of shoes to choose from.
  2. the shoes are not separated and are all haphazardly placed in the same “Sandals” section.
  3. They provide free shipping on orders of $65 and above.
  4. The images of products available on the site look like google images.
  5. They miss out on front back images. These generally help give a clearer view of the shoes.

Customer reviews of

Quoting some reviews of the products available on this site from its official website as well as online review sites.

A customer comments that the shoes she purchased are beautiful and were in perfect condition when she received them. She was delighted with her purchase and highly recommended the site.

Other talk about how the delivery was super-fast! They turned out to have super soft soles and in the right size. She, too, highly recommends the site.

However, a customer on the Cyber Bunkers in the comments writes about her horrid experience. She says that she did not get what she had ordered and wasted her $30! She also mentions that she had to pay more than the worth of the shoe to get her money back! Concluded with “Don’t order from them! It’s a scam.”

Final Verdict-

Keeping in mind the negative and the positives of cathego sandals, we concluded that every person would have a different experience. If you wish to buy something comfortable and, on a budget, then you can purchase from

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