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Best Massage Gun 2020 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Massage Gun Reviews 2020

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Best Massage Gun 2020 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide :- This read is for people, who are unaware of a ‘massage gun’ and it’s benefits. Is It Worth My Money?

In today’s demanding world, when we are drained both mentally and physically in terms of labour, the only craving that we have then, is for an effective relaxing massage. In olden days, India has seen popular masseuses and masseurs(though the terms are French) for alleviating body pain through skilled handwork.

Body builders and sportsmen, especially athletes require body massage as a daily dose. It’s always not possible to arrange a person to visit your premises and give you a handy massage regularly. Sometimes the payment is also too much. In such cases, it’s better to depend on machines than human labor. Massage gun Reviews it is one such equipment.

What is a Massage Gun?

A massage gun is shaped like a ‘gun’, so the name. It’s a device that relaxes your muscles and improves blood flow. The gun has a round ball like structure that rubs on your skin and applies pressure, controlled by you on exact points. It relieves pain and improves movement of joints and other parts of the body.

Who would buy a Massage Gun?

The utility of a Massage gun reviews it is itself suggestive of it’s customer base. I guess, all adults must avail this machine. We all feel stressed whether we are home bound or a professional, and always we don’t find help around to relieve us from any immediate physical stress. We yearn for fingers running over the neck and back, pressing at points and easing us out. It’s a wait that’s never over. So, why depend on any person? Buy a massage gun and conveniently get a massage whenever and wherever you can. It’s perfectly safe and easy to use.

Technically, it’s an useful possession for athletes, body builders or anybody into sports.

Benefits of using a Massage Gun,

Massage guns are a short treat to the body for those who want to skip workouts. It’s a handy, money saving gadget for immediate stress relief. Here are some mentionable benefits of the same,

  • The machine works through percussion therapy and is imperative in releasing lactic acid and similar chemicals that reduces stiffness and fatigue of your torso. If you feel sore and drained after a novice physical fitness regime then this gun would immediately perk you up and get you running for the next day.
  • The vibrating pressure of the equipment, applies permissible pressure on your body parts, allowing blood flow and distribution of oxygen through each cell of your body. This mechanism prompts an immediate energy surge within you which lasts longer than usual.
  • Allows flexibility and warm up before any physical training or activity, right at the convenience of your space.
  • Hassles of hiring a commercial massage person or booking into any parlour for the same purpose can be easily avoided and money saved.

Tech-Specs of Massage Gun,

Well, if you want to understand the technical speciality of this device then there are certain attractive attributes here,

  • It uses a 110-240V supply and 50/60 Hz current.
  • It emits 25.2V and 1A current.
  • Massage gun works on 2600 Lithium-ion battery, which is a rechargeable one.
  • It has a speed of 1800-3200rpm and a stroke length of 10mm/unit.
  • The product weighs around 1.2 kgs.

How does it work?

A massage gun works on pain gate theory, which basically deceives the nervous system in any body and reduces pain. The machine trickles the correct measure of impulses through the nerve ends and thereby stimulates the brain, which results in reduction of strain in the overall system.

How to use a Massage Gun?

There are a few simple steps for using a massage gun.

  1. Turn on the machine before putting it on your body. It’s important for having a better grip.
  2. Rest the gun on your body now, pointing the round surface towards the skin and just brush it over, without exerting too much force.
  3. Glide slowly, moving every inch of your physique.
  4. On areas of tension, keep the machine constantly there for a few more seconds.
  5. Breathing in and out in a slow and longer manner, rhyming with the machine, will relax you thoroughly.

Best Massage Guns 2020

Here are two top massage guns 2020 segregated under broad categories,

Best Massage Gun for the athletes

Hyperice Hypervolt Plus

This is one of the best massage gun for the price $399. Hyperice have launched this Hypervolt Plus gun lately for elite athletes. It exercises your muscles with 30% greater intensity than it’s original version. The device clocks in a 3200 percussions per minute and powerfully targets the sore muscles. The T-shape design gives a comfortable grip and the intricate battery works for 2 hours after being charged fully.

Best Value Massage Gun

Vortix Muscle Massager

Priced at $170, this is the best affordable massage gun presently. It has six different speeds and three separate attachments for giving differential power and relief to your muscles. The machine increases lymphatic flow and prevents build up of lactic acid, thereby reducing muscle related problems.

Customer’s Say,

Massage gun, being a popular and in demand product in countries like United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand etc, doesn’t need any special recommendation by particulars. The product speaks for itself. However, here are a few happy stories,

“I am happy to declare that this massage gun is one of the best purchases of mine. Every time, I use it my body feels and works better. Obtained at a small price, I recommend all my friends to try it once. I use it regularly. It has been my constant companion since bought.” – Patt

“I’m a licensed massage therapist and work in a massage parlour. After doing the job with my hands, I give a finishing touch with this massage gun. My customers love to come back to me and I have received special recommendations professionally. Thanks to this amazing product. It has reduced my effort and increased my gain.” – Lucy

“I simply love my massage gun and use it daily. I have stopped visiting the masseuse since the time I acquired it.” – Stance

If you have your own story to share, please do so in the comment section. We would love to read it.

My Recommendation

Since, our body is also an constant working machine, relaxing it, maintaining it and lubricating the parts are essential. A regular massage will make you fit both physically and mentally. So, wait no more and get your massage gun for that ideal upkeep, that your entire system needs.


This read is for people, who are unaware of a ‘massage gun’ and it’s benefits.

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