How Much Are Apple Airpod Pro Reviews 2019?

How Much Are Apple Airpod Pro Reviews 2019 Read Benefits!

Apple is known as so many innovative things in our technical world last 3-4 decades. We all are familiar with iPhones, iPods, iPad, iMac, and lots of electronics. Apple recently launches ‘Air Pods Pro’ for newly launched iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

Airpod Pros uses Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity flawlessly and produces a very immersive sound like never before. Air Pods Pro new design to deliver active noise cancellation for immersive sound, it isolates from outside noises when you are enjoying music or on a call.

Airpod Pros also comes with another new feature which is called transparency mode that allows you to hear your surround sound. Just like its previous version Air Pods, Air Pods Pro connect magically with your iPhone apple watches and ready to use right out of the case.

Why We Need Air-Pods Pro?

Every Apple customer waits for new products; Airpod Pros has so many new features and compact design, full day comfort and longer battery life. We all love to use Apple products because Apple is a sign of status; it also gives us great filling.

New Air Pods Pro based on the latest innovation of apple ‘H1-based System’ chip, which delivers incredibly low audio latency. This chip helps to control music calls and switch between active noise cancellation and transparency mode easily.

Also new custom-built high-excursion, low-distortion driver delivers powerful bass, which produces a high dynamic range amplifier and clear sound and extended battery life. Newly design of Air Pods Pro is very comfortable for all-day wearing. And its new charging case provides one hour of playback within 5 minutes of charging.

What Are New Features In Air Pods Pro?

Apple new Airpod Pro Reviews is a bundle of new feature which can blow your mind.

1- Active Noise Cancellation:

Active noise cancellation gives you immersive sound and isolates you from your surrounding sound so you can enjoy music movies or games.

2-Transparency Mode:

Transparency mode allows you to hear your surrounding sound when you are wearing new Airpod Pro Reviews so you can talk face to face with anyone without removing it from your ears.

3-Amazing Sound Quality with Adaptive EQ:

Air Pods Pro has a high-excursion; low-distortion driver delivers powerful bass which produces the best quality of sound and EQ (equalizer) for more joy of music and games.

4- Sweat and Water Resistant (IPX4):

New Air Pods Pro Comes with an IPX4 rating from sweat and water-resistant. So you can work out without any hassle form your sweat or any water damages.

5- Easy Setup for All Your Apple Devices:

New Airpod Pro Reviews comes with Bluetooth 5.0 so do not worry about your old apple devices it con set up easily with all apple devices and automatically connect and disconnect.

6- Quick Charging in the Case:

New Air Pods Pro comes with a quick charging case that can charge it fast and upto24 hours so you can enjoy all-day music without any worry about charging. The quick charging case provides one hour of playback time just in 5 minutes of charging Apple Airpod Pro Review. The case can be charged either wirelessly using a Qi-certified charger or with the Lightning connector.

What is in the Box?

Air Pods Pro contains all necessary accessories which are given below.

  • One Unit of Air Pods Pro
  • One Wireless Charging Case
  • Three Silicone ear tips (three sizes)
  • One Lightning to USB-C Cable
  • Documentation

How Much Do Air Pods cost?

We all know about Apple products which are costly but the best products and services also we get with it. New Air Pods Pro costs around $249.00 on apple official site, which is more $100 costly from previous Air pods.


In the article about ‘Apple Airpod Pro Review,’ we share for those people who want to purchase new Air Pods Pro. We hope this article helps him to get it. If you have any questions or suggestions please write to us in the comment box and also give us your valuable feedback.

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