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Tennessee and Secession – Slavery, Equality, and the Degradation of the White Race

When the slave states of the Deep South seceded, most gave reasons why they were making this move. In their various “Declaration of Causes,” South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas all listed slavery as the reason. The state of Tennessee, however, appears to be an interesting exception. Rather than drawing up an Ordinance of Secession, they issued a Declaration of Independence. Within that Declaration, Tennessee mentioned nothing at all about slavery. In fact, they gave no reasons at all why they were seceding.

There was, of course, a reason – and one not too far under the surface of their declaration. To discover it doesn’t even take all that much digging. As it turns out, the Tennessee secessionists responsible were incredibly upfront about why they wanted to leave the Union.

Forgotten Heroes of Southern History: Jermain Loguen – Liberated Slave, Abolitionist, and Preacher

Jermain Loguen was born a slave, but escaped his abusive master to become an agent on the Underground Railroad. Here, we recount his childhood in bondage, along with his escape in adulthood. Lastly, we’ll look at a letter sent to him by his former master, demanding his return – as well as Jermain’s embittered and fitting response.