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Scalawag – The Fortnightly Word

I enjoy discovering and understanding words almost as much as I enjoy history. Every couple of weeks or so, we’ll pause to explore a particular word or phrase. Sometimes it’ll be one we come across on a daily basis, other times it might be something rarely spoken whose meaning is

The Failure of the South to Convince Delaware to Secede

During the Secession Winter of 1860-1861, several seceding slave states sent commissioners to border slave states in the hopes of convincing them to join them in leaving the United States. In some cases, such as Virginia and Tennessee, the targeted states seceded. In others, such as in Kentucky and Delaware,

John S. Mosby on Slavery as the Cause of War

The Civil War has cast many men into the realm of legend. The Gray Ghost, John Singleton Mosby, may be the most transfixing. The tales of his rides through the Shenandoah Valley - "Mosby's Confederacy" - as well as his raids and exploits, have excited the imagination of many for

Using Fear of Racial Equality to Sell Secession

Before the Confederates fired upon Fort Sumter, even before Abraham Lincoln took office, the seven seceded states sent commissioners to the still-loyal slave states in the hopes of convincing them to join their fledgling Confederacy. They all said basically the same thing: the destruction of slavery and the equality of