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Antebellum – The Fortnightly Word

I enjoy discovering and understanding words almost as much as I enjoy history. Every couple of weeks or so, we'll pause to explore a particular word or phrase. Sometimes it'll be one we come across on a daily basis, other times it might be something rarely spoken whose meaning is

April is Apparently Confederate Heritage Month

Earlier this year, at the behest of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the State of Mississippi declared April to be Confederate Heritage Month. “It is important for all Americans to reflect upon our nation’s past,” read the proclamation, “to gain insight from our mistakes and successes, and to come to

The Curiously Short History of Heritage Not Hate

It is the rallying cry heard from pro-Confederate activists all across the country - "Heritage, Not Hate!" With its steadfast persistence, one might be tempted to believe that it originated immediately after the Civil War, or perhaps during the Lost Cause era, the Centennial or even the Civil Rights movement.