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Forgotten Heroes of Southern History: Joseph Doddridge, Pioneer Minister and Anti-Slavery Advocate

From time to time, we'll take a look at some forgotten heroes of Southern history - the slaves, the abolitionists, the draft dodgers, the Unionists. Though they fought against the Confederate Cause, they were Southerners through and through. The same Southern blood ran through their veins, and they held the

To Snap Every Cord: The Protestant Church’s Role in Slavery and Secession

When the United States was founded, the Christian religion played little role in the controversial debate over the institution of slavery. They chose to remain silent, wishing not to add their voices to those of the opposition.
This, along with the refusal to even discuss it among themselves, led to divisions within their ranks, as well as the severing of the nation itself. Wishing to remain neutral, they became divided against themselves, and the nation as a whole followed their lead.