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Using Fear of Racial Equality to Sell Secession

Before the Confederates fired upon Fort Sumter, even before Abraham Lincoln took office, the seven seceded states sent commissioners to the still-loyal slave states in the hopes of convincing them to join their fledgling Confederacy. They all said basically the same thing: the destruction of slavery and the equality of

Mr. Reed – “Somebody Who Wore the Shoe”

Mr. Reed, born into slavery in Mississippi, was interviewed in 1929. He talks about the education of slaves, religion, last names, the Civil War, the treatment of female slaves, and lynching during the Jim Crow Era. These may not be easy words to hear, but are word worth hearing.

Stonewall Jackson: Black Man’s Friend or Fairly Typical Slave Owner?

There are several go-to arguments that modern day Confederate apologists reach for when the topic of slavery is broached. One of the most well trodden is Stonewall Jackson’s supposedly illegal all-black Sunday school. We are to believe that out of the goodness of his heart, Stonewall Jackson defied the laws of the land, and risked jail time, because he loved black people so much that he couldn’t wait to teach them to read. Let’s take a closer look at not only Jackson’s Sunday school, but at his childhood among his family’s slaves, and his adult life as a slave owner.