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Representative Clingman and Anti-Slavery as the Cause of War

With great zeal, many Confederate apologists attempt to convince themselves and others that the Confederacy seceded from the United States for the noble causes of liberty, self-rule and states rights. This is only understandable - the historical reasons given by most Southern leaders were not exactly heroic, becoming or moral.

Abraham Lincoln and the Thirteenth Amendment that Wasn’t

A proposed Thirteenth Amendment would have denied the power of the Federal government “to abolish or interfere” with the institution of slavery. So why then did Lincoln and many other anti-slavery Republicans support it? And why didn’t this stop secession?

An Open Declaration of War: The South’s Exploitation of Lincoln the Abolitionist

During the build up to secession in 1860, and through the Secession Winter in 1861, many of the Southern slave states claimed that President-Elect Abraham Lincoln’s ultimate goal was to destroy slavery. Though Lincoln denied it, did the South have a point? Was Lincoln really willing to start a war to abolish slavery or were pro-slavery politicians deceiving the Southern people by playing into their racial prejudices and fear of equality for black Americans?

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