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A Short History of Snowflakes (or, A Quick Case of Irony)

If you've found yourself in a conversation about more recent politics, there's a fairly good chance that you were either called a "snowflake" or called someone else a "snowflake." This epiphet of late popularity was grown in its usage over the past year or so. In a debate, the person who

Tom Hawkins – ‘She Beat On Them for Most Anything’

What follows is an interview of former slave, Tom Hawkins. It was conducted in 1938 as part of the Federal Writers' Project. Mr. Hawkins, interviewed in his mid to late 70s when he lived in Athens, Georgia. After a short introduction by the interviewer, Mr. Hawkins tells his own story. Tom

Representative Clingman and Anti-Slavery as the Cause of War

With great zeal, many Confederate apologists attempt to convince themselves and others that the Confederacy seceded from the United States for the noble causes of liberty, self-rule and states rights. This is only understandable - the historical reasons given by most Southern leaders were not exactly heroic, becoming or moral.