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This Week in History – First Black Soldier Wounded, More Troops Murdered, Billie Holiday, Protest, and Colonization

This week in history, we take a look at Nick Biddle, the first black soldier wounded in the Civil War, the massacre of black troops in Arkansas, the first Emancipation Day Parade in Washington DC, Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit," and quite a bit more of the events that took place

This Week in History – Illinois Riot, Bleeding Kansas, Separate But Equal, Texas, and Richmond

This week in history, we'll take a look at a pro-secessionist riot in Illinois, the beginnings of Bleeding Kansas, the Fifteenth Amendment, as well as the first black American elected to public office. In weeks past, we've also detailed several lynchings that took place across this week in history.

This Week in History – Slave Trade, Canadian Voting Rights, Cornerstone, Johnson Vetoes, and Lynchings

This week in history, we'll briefly look at the abolition of the Atlantic Slave Trade in the British Empire, the voting rights of black Canadians, Stephens' Cornerstone Speech, the Civil Rights and Reconstruction Acts vetoed by Andrew Johnson, the first sit-in protest, and the first impeachment of the governor. Also,

This Week in History – Cotton Gin, Freedom’s Journal, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Klan Violence, Lynchings

This week in history, we'll take brief looks at the first black child in the original thirteen colonies, Eli Whitney, the first black newspaper, the black Pennsylvanian voting protest, Uncle Tom's Cabin, as well as a quick glance at the 1880-90s Back to Africa Movement. Also, the weekly section

This Week in History – Missouri Compromise, Early Anti-Slavery Tract, Alamo, SCOTUS, Black Voters and More

This week in history, we'll take brief looks at Thomas Paine's anti-slavery pamphlet, the Missouri Compromise, the slaves of the Alamo, a few incredibly important Supreme Court rulings, the Confederate Constitution, black regiments in Florida, black Confederates, and the Southern Manifesto. We’ll also take a glance at the nearly forty

This Week in History – Pennsylvania, Slave Trade, Expulsion, CS Flag, and Reconstruction

This week in history, we'll take quick looks at one of the earliest slave revolts, Pennsylvania's incredibly slow emancipation, the ban of the Atlantic Slave Trade, the day that Arkansas made being a free black person illegal, a couple Confederate flags, two different Reconstruction-era acts, and quite a bit more.