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‘Words Cannot Describe the Scene’ – Anniversary of The Fort Pillow Massacre

There are few incidents in the war more controversial than what became to be known as the Fort Pillow Massacre, April 14, 1864. Numerous volumes have been produced, each analyzing (and in some cases ignoring) accounts given following the battle. Many draw upon testimony given years or even decades after

‘A Clear Loss to their Owners’ – The Fate of Captured Black Troops at the Battle of Milliken’s Bend

Along with Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation, first made public in September of 1862, came a surge in black Americans joining the United States Army. The very thought of "armed negroes" sent terror through much of the South, shaking even the government in Richmond to the core. Confederate President Jefferson Davis

Subject to Death: The Confederate Response to Black Union Troops

As April has been proclaimed to be "Confederate Heritage Month," we at This Cruel War wish to observe it from the perspective of history. We will begin this exploration by delving into Confederate President Jefferson Davis' repulsion of even the thought of black United States troops - a practice that