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The Fight for Unconditional Emancipation in Missouri

The Emancipation Proclamation freed only the slaves in disloyal states. While this immediately freed 20,000 or so, it left thousands more in bondage within the border states of Maryland, Delaware, Missouri, Tennessee and Kentucky. Despite efforts by the Federal government to recruit black men into the army during the summer

‘Satisfied With Even a Disagreement’ – The Repercussions of the Post Office Lynching Trial (1898)

For the past week, we've been looking at the 1898 lynching of Frazier Baker, the black postmaster of Lake City, South Carolina. We've discussed the lynching itself, the investigation, and trial. Today, we'll explore the results of the trial as well as the fate of the town of Lake City,

‘We Might As Well Die Running’ – The Post Office Lynching Trial (1898)

Over the past two posts, we learned about the 1898 Lynching of South Carolina Postmaster Frazier Baker and his infant daughter Julia. We learned of the investigation and arrests of over a dozen accused in setting the post office ablaze and shooting nearly every member of the Baker family. Today,

‘We Are Going Back to that Beautiful History’ – The Earliest Origins of Black History Month

We have observed Black History Month for over forty years in the United States. The month of February has been selected as a time for us to compensate for an education which likely neglected the contributions, trials and advances made by black Americans.   Though Black History Month became official in 1976,